If you are gonna ___ Laz


If you guys are going to ___ laz to where the dead gets strike then you should make it to where new players who play and laz is with them a note should pop up saying don’t revive your teammates and if you try to laz will say something like “stop I need to do it!” just for the people in the party’s who decide to be stupid I am not sure just make something to prevent new players from making laz useless


They aren’t nerfing Laz, they’re reworking him.


true I just see it as a nerf but I can change it if you want me too


It’s a Nerf

Reviving device will give. Strike to the dead which means it’s a nerf

Not because we call it a rework … doesn’t mean it’s not buff nor Nerf


You can’t say it’s a nerf until you have tried it.


Good laz don’t use sniper most of the time unless the monster try to eat the body

Good laz should be out of smell range to play the mind games or should be away from him generally

Making reviving device only work for incapitable teammate which means the monster will only camp the body until it’s dead which means the damage dealt to the monster is reduced while he is camping the body because the duration is reduced

Even with 200% increase pistol damage for incapatitated teammate will not make up for it - even with increasing laz damage

It help flee till 3 … monster can do 2 strike on the team on trapper and can leave after that

Laz gab between great laz and bad laz will be lowered significantly

All monsters can wibe laz on the team in current state … it is easy to counter him

Goliath flame breath
Meteor Goliath all attacks
Gorgon trap - web - toxic
Wraith supernova - Abduction
Behemoth lava bomb - tongue grab
After shock - banshee mines

On papers it’s a Nerf until I see it … other reason laz usually has the highest win rate rate as medic

Which means the next update this will not be in his favor


So what you’re saying is… sniper rifle is a completely pointless tool that laz should never EVER use unless he needs to stop monsters from eating, which your teammates can do? Am confuse. To be fair that’s off topic though.
Laz will be come more high risk high reward now, and to be fair it still puts him above emet in terms of the strike thing. His healing output means he will have a lot more (self) sustain and his Laz device works as normal on incapped players. I’ve never had trouble with ressing players from incapped as laz, but that’s just me.

Sorry for the wall of text, I’m on my phone and am still new to it.


I think it’s also important to note that downed Hunters will do more damage and have more health. So body camping isn’t going to be that much of a problem. They also increased the heal of Laz’s burst and added some more self heal.


What? You shouldn’t use an ability given to the character? That’s like saying Parnell shouldn’t use SS because it hurts him.


I’ve had games where it was just me as laz and a Maggie fighting a behemoth on rendering plant. He kept going after Maggie because I was out of sight and I ended up melting the last of his HP quickly.

His rifle is good.


Exactly. It actually does really good damage.


And it’s getting buffed too. :3


Funny how every time I heard someone saying “I’m a good Laz” they were actually terrible and lose due to making many dumb mistakes. And those that are good usually don’t say anything, they just win the game.

And yeah if incapped hunters health will be doubled or something like that, this is a buff (considering healburst buff and sniper rifle).


Oh nos I didn’t mean to start a fight stop fighting :sob:

ok now for real his sniper is useful I use it when I am not invisible I think I am good with laz? I am not sure though the only reason right now I would rez a incapped teammate is if the monster is off him or someone is being stupid and trying to rez them his or herself I just really think a note should pop up because all the maches me and my friend get we die due to people trying to rez incapped teamates and it annoys me we even get on our mics and say like no stop don’t rez and they don’t care or they are not listening so we come over and it is a either one of two situations the monster sees him rezing the teamate and when I come he sees me and kills me or he gets the rez (bonus or it is daisy who gets rezed and no one cares but me cause I love daisydoo)


I changed the title to fit what everyone thinks if its a buff, nerf, or rework :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. Now you see how pointless it is to make a character itself have a “stop I need to do it!” line? These people who do it, they just don’t care, they came here from CoD and are going back to CoD eventually. Just try to play with 3 friends, Evolve is so much more fun with full pre-made group.


Alright. Let’s go through this again now that I’m on my PC and can actually type properly.
You said

I responded asking if what you were saying was [quote=“ToiletWraith, post:7, topic:82788”]
sniper rifle is a completely pointless tool that laz should never EVER use unless he needs to stop monsters from eating, which your teammates can do?
Once again, this was offtopic, and I was genuinely curious what your opinion was. Because lets be honest here, and this is going off topic once more…
If there’s no downed players, what should Laz do? Sit there with his rifle not using it? That seems a bit counterproductive if you ask me. Might I add that you do not need to switch out to use your healing burst or cloak. So, yeah. If he has no one to ress, why not use it?

I might add that you come to the conclusion that because I brought up the subject I’m supposedly not a good Laz. Let’s follow through with that.
I, as an ex medic player, and still a decent one at that, played a lot of Laz. I never really had much trouble ressing people while they were down, with the exception of a monster that would never stop body camping and force me to ress from the dead.
Now you may, if you want, retaliate this arguement with “you play with/vs noobs”- by all means do so, but unless you have any evidence to back that claim, I probably wouldn’t.

Once more, Laz’s “nerf” is still not enough to put him into low-tier, in my honest to god opinion. Emet has to wait for people to be dead to bring them back, as an example. Laz does not. Devs have also hinted/claimed that Laz’s healing output will be upped a lot, and as far as I saw “harder to counter” was it? I’m not sure. I think I saw that somewhere.

Feel free to respond. :slight_smile:


Why I changed the title so it fit everyone’s opinion


The Laz change is a nerf. I don’t see how this is a question. If currently you can revive a player from dead with no strikes, and they’re changing so the revived player gets a strike, that is a blatant nerf. And the increased recharge time makes it so that, unless you are blind, anyone can see it’s obviously worse than before.


Meh, people already got the jist of it. Sometimes others don’t care about others opinions which, can’t be avoided sadly. Changing the title isn’t going to make a massive difference imo :stuck_out_tongue: