If you are a good Monster HMU to Scrim...Add AltxrEgo on XBL


My hunter team is looking to scrim against some good monsters…so yeah hmu


Ugh I’m on PC and I was hoping to verse a team that’ll give me like an epic movie style battle that’ll either end with me falling to my Goliath feet while the last survivor walks away limping to the dropship to report the casualties and fly home. OR ending with the last surviving hunter running for his life looking back to see nothing but his teammates torn to shreds with no sight of me. As he’s running he hears the sudden sound of the Goliath smell to only turn around to see my dark eyes piercing into his soul. With the lone hunter frozen in fear, I then pounce on him with the camera going dark as his screams of extreme shock and pain fill your ears.


Evolve would make such a fantastic movie!