If wraith is op


how come there is 150 WLR kraken but only 66 WLR wraith?


Solution: Neither of them are OP.


Quiting doesn’t count as a loss and the leaderboards are buggy in general.


Because Kraken is an objectively better monster. The truth lies in the numbers. Kraken has more health, more range, better speed (can fly), more exploits (can use moves through domeshield), and is more of an overall threat


That had very little to do with anything. The kraken has a 53% win ratio and the Wraith is at 60%


Do you know how numbers work? The Kraken has 53% W/L because more people played as it, everyone thinks its a better monster so everyone plays the Kraken more often, but the bad kids that lose bring the W/L down.


That makes no sense. You have no data to prove anything that you just claimed, if anything new players would choose wraith, based solely on how many people are saying she’s op.
Also w/l ratio isn’t affected by how many people play a certain monster.


False. Flying is very slow, making it difficult for Kraken to escape. Wraith has warping- extremely fast and covering a similar distance.


speaking of which, the guy is roflstomping hunters with a level 1 kraken right now on his twitch stream… >.>


Current win ratio apparently says otherwise.


Monsters can quit out and not really be penalized to keep the WLR. Doesn’t really mean anything.



if you look at his stream at twitch.tv/frozen_synapse, you can clearly see that quitting out is not what the guy with 150 WLR is doing.


Why must we keep making wraith topics there are only 1 million. I see wraith topics in my sleep


I suppose you’re right. I was thinking more in terms of verticality obstacles are no problem for the Kraken, but I guess Wraith can teleport upwards anyway so I guess that makes sense


The Kracken’s escape strength isn’t in flying. It leaves a trail when it flies. The Kracken moves the quickest when it sneaks, that’s what you have to do.


…What? If you mean Kraken’s sneak is faster than the other two, that’s false. If you mean Kraken’s fastest movement option is sneaking, that’s also false.


Perhaps it’s because people who play Kraken are actually good?

shots fired


No, sneaking is his fastest movement speed without being detected. Also, yeah he’s kinda quick on his feet. Flying is for fighting. Not for moving about. It leaves dots on the ground. And before you say it’s false I play as a hunter way more than a monster. He leaves foot prints if he walks around without sneaking, and dots if he flies.


All of the Monsters will leave footprints if they walk around sneaking. That’s how it’s been forever. Kraken leaves tracks when flying, yes, and sneaking is the only way to move around without being detected…