If wraith gets nerfed again do i have to patch it offline?


Just wondering if wraith gets nerfed or patched which would make her crap, Do i need to patch her/apply the patch if i just play offline with bots? I don’t have a next gen console yet so idk


behemoth followed by 5th monster

wraith wont get nerfed


Hmmm, I suppose you could cancel the download if you are only ever planning to play offline/solo.


Ahh good so would that apply to the 3gb patch? If i play offline do i need that patch to play the game?


I wouldn’t think so, but not sure what other fixes are part of that update.


Wraith won’t be directly nerfed, the only issue is being able to dome her a bit easier at stage 1 and 2, to make those encounters actually start happening more.

The character is fine pretty much in every other aspect.