If TU9 Brings more than 9k players on PC, Azmi will buy a skin


But what skin should he get and why, any recommendations?

Would have made it as a poll but I don’t know how to format it.

Azmi already has all the Kraken skins because he’s a scrub.


Clownfish for Wraith or Night Hunter for assault

Reason number 1:

Reason number 2:
Night hunter for assault is BAD. ASS.


think I already have the clownfish skin.


Hornet then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Buy Glitter Skins

(We all know that TRS is plotting them for TU09)

I say buy Wraith Wendigo. It’s easily my favorite skin for her.


Buy all the skins. Why? Because why not


Buy Savage Wraith. Or the Cosmic Goliath and Wraith. Or any skins that you don’t have.



Already have that, such a sexy skin befitting for such a character.


What about Savage or Cosmic?


Cosmic came with PCMR so I have that one, I don’t have savage wraith though,


This guy, this guy right here knows


Get savage then! It looks amazing on the first three Monsters (I already know you have it on Kraken).


??? I only got the Savage?


Pink Hyde.


Get the Paranormal Wraith Skin.