If this game was left to the "competitive gamers," Evolve would lose its soul


I just can’t believe what these guys are suggesting. Instead of tweaking, they should remove all buffs? Wildlife and Pve has no place in Evolve and they should go too? This is the exact sort of anathema to a games soul that has killed numerous ones I’ve played in the past. You alienate the majority of the playerbase by taking away extremely fun features and trimming the game down to the whims of “competitive” gamers.

I sincerely hope that TRS realizes that the majority of players play a game to have FUN not to kid themselves that they’re playing a sport.


TRS is working on alternatives to the current system. Sounds interesting.


Not everyone who plays in comps shares that attitude, dammit. Stop with all this generalisation.


All they have to do is make the buffs less of a instawin button and tone them down. currently a kraken with 35% of anything wins hands down. Then again it feels like Kraken wins anyway hands down so Im not sure that is a valid reference point.


I am a competitive player and I want nothing more than for buffs to be allowed in competitive matches. I voted for OPTION D in the poll.

Make a big deal out of them on the UI and have them spawn predictably (a later title update)

Creates deeper strategy, similar to League of Legends buff control.


You dont understand how annoying it is playing monster players who only go for buffs, if they dont get them they leave or dont want to fight at all, not to mention how absurd damage out put 35% on any monster could kill you in a single hit, maybe not all buffs but OP buffs shouldnt be in the game max i say should be 10% damage increase or defense, feeding speed and friendly birds/speed and pounce are not a problem


In what way is it fun playing against 35!% damage bonus lightning strike or leap smash, maybe fun for the noob monsters that cant play without those buffs but it isnt fun for the hunters, and i dont want to hear an excuse about hunters can get them too when the buffs spawn in the same plqce in every map, so all they have to do is go there before drop ship



those ppl actually wanna make the game balanced

kraken with cd reduction is like a michael bay movie


What buff control are you talking about when monster spawns a minute earlier than hunters and can definitely reach buff of his choice before hunters do. Let’s say Kraken who rushes cooldown reduction buff, what’s there to control, he will get it and will have a crazy advantage right from the beginning. There are no buffs hunters can get to counter that insanity. However if buffs will only spawn after 5 minutes since game started and also their power will be toned down on monster’s side, then yeah it’d be more fun than having no buffs at all.


i dont think they will make more money when they just do what these competitve players want.


Buffs sort of suck the life out of the game, the most enjoyable games ive had were with a bunch of friends with no buffs, no perks, no masteries, just good ol huntin


If the casual players would decide, Evolve would become what CoD is. -insert puke image-


buffs wouldn’t be a problem when they were TOTOALLY random and a bit small nerf (like 10% more dmg or reduction)…


Filthy casual


Competitive players want balance because it IS a sport, an eSport.

Doesn’t mean wildlife buffs need to go, but the buffs that unbalance the game should be tweaked and discussed. SOME comp players want them removed all together because they feel that the developers won’t be able to juggle the depth and keep it balanced having them in… the simpler a game is, the easier it is to balance and so some will just automatically want rid of it.

If TRS can balance it well, then there won’t be any major issues. No one want’s to play a game that’s horribly one sided so balance matters friend, it isn’t fun when a game is always in your favour… it’s straight out boring and if you think otherwise then you’re a shell of a human being.


I am one of those guys who are against the wildlife buffs.Simply because if we where playing with wildlife buffs on no hunter would ever win at any ESL.

Now let me explain.Good monsters already know where the wildlife buffs are.Heck i am not playing monster neither pubs but i still remember in most maps where the dmg perk is or the other major ones.

The 2 problems with that.

Monster gets 41 seconds of headstart.That gives him time to go to the Sloth,kill it,eat it and then run away.Even if for some reason(which is not supposed to happen unless the monster stayed afk for the first 15 seconds)manages to get domed,he still got 35% damage increase-damage resistance.That means he can easily kill even at stage 1.Or survive the dome with no health loss.

Second problem is:Monster can deny the buff.Its simple.Monster gets the 35% dmg and then no hunter can take it.But if hunters get the buff that means the monster still has 4? minutes to go eat the wildlife before it decays.The only way to stop that is for the hunters to stop and camp the body for that time.Which means monster will go stage 3 xD

Also even tho the numbers are very high(35% in anything is too much) even toning them down i don’t think it would help.Even if the dmg was 20%(you can’t have lower percentages because then you already have the dmg perk which they don’t stack) the monster can STILL eat it and deny it.

Even randomizing the positions wont work.Simply because the monster will be denying them.It will be RNG for both but it will hurt the hunters more than the monster.Hunters can kill and take the perk and the monster can go later and pick it up.It can’t go virce versa

PS.God damn didn’t realize how big this post is sry lol


Don’t hunters have a higher win ratio? So how are monster buffs insta-win?


Because casuals


then these competitive players should just become their own game mode so they can play their esl 24h a day.


If I’m not wrong, hunters have a higher win ratio overall, but monsters have a higher win rate at level 40 games.

I think having buffs add another layer of depth BUT i feel that the current implementation is wrong. I think rather than removing buffs completely, they should 1) nerf some of the stronger buffs, and 2) come up with a fairer method of acquiring the buffs.