If they remove pounce, will there still be monsters?


If they remove the pouncing will there still be monsters? Or will the real monsters come out to play?


If this is your way of complaining about pouncing, you aren’t a skilled hunter, so I wouldn’t be too worried about the monsters if I were you


This thread is not going to end well.


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Rawr! What monster wouldn’t straight up pounce, tussle, and juggle you like a ball of yarn?

Sources: Cause i am a monster and you’re gonna hear me RAWR! Rawr (x21). You’re gonna hear RAWR!


If this is a rant type topic, might I direct you here:


Otherwise, please try to discuss pouncing as a tactic (for better or worse) instead of dismissing it altogether.


Good point op. I’ll stop pouncing and just lose even worse. Us silly monsters and that weird attitude of trying to win. How very dare us!



:joy: what makes you think I’m kidding?


This topic smells like a hunter who want to do it alone and keep staying close at the monster. I don`t like this. It smells cheesy.



time to move on


Having a good team really helps keep the pouncing to a minimum. Try playing monster sometime before you come ***** about a mechanic you don’t fully understand.


… What? I have no idea what possible curse word you could’ve used that would have required that distinctive number of letters and would be able to be used in that sentence. :joy:





Or play Bucket, cause you will never face the monster alone than.


It was bitch.


Ohhhhhhh. I’m dumb.




No, just forget the word sneak and you well found it ok even with bounce sometimes i think the hunter are the real monster with out the bouncing uhhh


They’d never remove pounce.


It’s just a pity that he’s currently in such a bad state that picking him is otherwise detrimental to a team.