If there was a tier 6, would Assault or Trapper be the female hunters?


Both Medic and Support has two female hunters, meanwhile Assault and Trapper only has one (adaptations aside).

I’d really love to have an East Asian character for the trapper, specifically of Japanese ancestry.

Otaku and Nyandere or Onee-san types is something I’d really love to see on a trapper as they all seem to be miserable or have abandonment issues. :smiley:


Neither, the entire team will just be mammoth birds and the monster will be Bucket, Lennox and Emet combined as a megazord.


Sadly, that’s not likely. Everyone knows Tsundere is best ‘dere’.

I would pay for this.


U fookin weeb

All jokes aside, another female trapper would be pretty cool, but Sunny is technically asian, so idk if theyd do another character like that. But i think Evolve needs a more mysterious character, whos past isnt really known or they wear a mask or something. I always loved that archtype of being the lone wolf and keeping themselves concealed, like they have something to hide


I would hope trapper and assault are female.


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Anyway, I’m still rooting for an Assault like Rita.

Or Vasquez.


I would go with Trapper as they just came out with a female assault already


Laz and Slim tho?



Dang it. :sweat_smile: Sorry, I’ve been crunching all day. I shouldn’t be posting on the forums 4AM but this is the only time where I can get to post at the moment. :cry:




and lets not forget the genderless robot


consider this…

all of T6 is females.


So another Kala or another Crow then?


Another female Trapper would be considerate, concerning how our only female is the very first Trapper and we haven’t seen an update with a charming woman, yet.

As for their personality… I wouldn’t go for the route of another miserable, heart-broken woman like Maggie, who’s just straight-up tough and seemingly cold, until you get to know her a bit.

Seeing as to how there really are no… “bright” Trappers, we should maybe have one following around those lines, instead. We just got a mysterious character, (Kala, quite clearly), so I think this would be the best path to take.


Not a bad call, because all of Tier 2 are men. C:


I need the next Trapper to be Frank (Crow’s little brother) with a modernized Recurve Bow.

Chop chop. Make it happen, TRS.


I am in need of buff ladies :heart_eyes:


Fookin don’t leave out Bucket and Emet. They technically count as males because of their voice modules.

As Emet once said, there is another robot on the team.

he calls Torvald a robot, because of his cybernetics. Robots are human too!!!

I’d like to see another trapper that uses ambushes to hunt. This would include a sort of wall-trap that can be placed to direct the monsters direction. Possibly the ability to cloak lol?

As for assault, we got old Lenny as T5 so if they do make another one, she should be a mutant because how can a girl be an assault without an exosuit? Look at how big Hyde is then imagine some red/lava girl that size. :smile:


Chocolate Asian? Everything is possible when you use Old Spice.


I already considered it and created the whole team. Kudos to me.