If there is an empty spot in the lobby, we should be able to choose that role


There should be NO REASON why I am locked into X role when roles Y,Z and W are OPEN before the match even starts.


Press the back button one time and choose the role you want. You’re welcome!
Maybe some research before flaming next time?


A side note to what @OJay_Mjay_Broths brought up, the only exception to this rule is if you want to switch to the opposing team/side.

E.G. Monster players cannot go hunters, and hunters cannot go monster even if the slot’s open.


I need two simple checkboxes for matchmaking:

1.) Would you like to join running games?

2.) Ignore the last preference
(so you will never be put in a game as your 5th preference)

Obviously, checking these two will lengthen your search time but that’s irrelevant, because it’s the players choice.


Try this. It works. Money back guarantee.