If the monster is bringing the fight to you the trapper should be the last person to heal shield revive or boost


Because lets face it
a trapper loses half its value when the monster is hunting you.

Doesn’t mean let them die


A decent trapper is worth every penny when he CC’s the monster, what he should primarly do in a fight. So if you dont shield / heal him you’ll die very fast when no one pulls that monster off from you, and then you’ll face it.
Tbh the least attention in first place needs an assault, just because of his personal shield. If that thing wears off, he needs exact same help as every other teammate.


Trapper CC is generally an afterthought for Monsters that is broken extremely quickly.

So far as priorities go everyone should be doing everything possible to keep the Medic alive, including the Medic.


Seems pretty crippling to revive the trapper over the support
when you only have time for one.


As a full time monster i have to disagree based on the trapper. I absolutely hate to say it but a good Maggie need priority, because of her traps a lot of easy wins have become difficult or have become a lose. For that reason she is the first to die and once dead the game is over. She’s my version of the wraith.

The second hunter he has a trap but it’s a lot weaker and easier to avoid. i think he is great for hunting but when being hunted he is worthless imo. As for the 3rd hunter stasis nades are a pain in the ass and again can turn the tide if he is doing it right. and the new hunter can not only shoot past armor which makes him a hell of a threat but he also has a stasis gun which can shoot faster and far more accurate.

It’s not what class is useless, it’s what hunter is useless. when being hunted i think

Assault: Markov: is attacks feel the weakest and easiest to avoid, his bombs can be jumped over or fire breathed
Trapper: Griffin: yea he has a trap gun but it’s fairly crap, and honestly i just don’t bother unless i need laz bait
Support: None: There all useful and all of them can be dangerous offensively and defensively
Medic: Lazarus: No real heals, he gets one revive before he dies, all he really excels as is hiding or trading his life for that of another. Val is actually a lot more useful especially when mixed with hank.

It will always come down to the group build, and the players. If you have a great Maggie don’t let her die as she is more valuable then the assault.

I play monster a lot and i knew who i hate, who i target, and who i want dead. i am in the top 1k of all time and was in the top 20 for this week. There obviously not the highest ranks but they should hold some merit.


hey what does CC mean?


Crowd Control but i think in this instance it should be MC for monster control


Well, monsters are a crowd by themselves :slight_smile:

Joke aside, considering that Some monsters are currently mostly unaffected by poons and stasis stuff, the importance of the trapper is even lower.


I am sticking with CC, would be confusing to use MC. MC usually stands for Mind Control in games.


I agree. Assault has their shield, as you said and support can go invisible where the trapper has little to no means of escape or defense. I hardly think the trapper should be the lowest priority, personally. Slowing and tagging the monster is super helpful and once that monster that has brought the fight to you decides to run, where is the trapper to dome him before he gets his shield back up? Oh, they’re on the drop ship because they were the lowest priority.


If the trapper dies you can keep fighting but you won’t be able to chase it if it trys and flee
if the medic dies you all die
if the assault dies you have to flee
if support dies you lose a ton of damage or the only protection you had.
assault has his shield yes but the assault most NOT go down a downed assault might as well be a dead assault


As a Medic, Trapper is my last priority in a final showdown. Support is a hot target, I need him to keep me going. Assault can take care of himself but his DPS is a must. Trapper’s CC is extremely valuable, but I’ll take the other two over him.


Trapper is nowhere near as useful as the others, unless he’s being focused; and the monster is trying to escape the dome. Until then, he’s low priority for supports/medics.