If the game dies?


I was wondering this since it is a multiplayer game, but if the game dies and no body plays it anymore, what will be left for the people still playing it. Will AI be added? Will there be features like a single player mode or something? Just curious about what y’all will think.


I think that for those who want to play this game, they better get it quick and play it a lot when released othewise, the game could die and nobody will find players.


It’s already been said that there will be a single-player mode.


They have already confirmed that AI will be playing in place of any of the playable characters that isn’t currently being controlled by an actual person.


Oh, I heard that there was a single player mode, but I didn’t know if it was confirmed or not.


They haven’t confirmed a Single Player Campaign, if that’s what you mean. But during matchmaking if someone leaves they will be replaced by a bot. Basically just like Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. Then you’d be able to join in and take control again.
Edit: Fairly certain this was in a commentary over some game play footage, anyway.


They plan to support it for a long time. As @SlabOMeat said, it’d suck if they just buggered off and made toasters when Evolve launches. If you’re concerned that Evolve will ‘die’, do some more research on the forum, which is where you’ll find a ton of info and answers.


Yes, there will be AI


Thanks for confirming it :smiley: