If Possible Turtle Rock can you add something?


Dear Turtle Rock,

I was wondering if you can add something in Evolve for Hank the support class. I was wondering if you can put a percentage meter on Hank’s shield projector. Also if possible ability to toggle which hunter can we shield on the fly like for example. If I mistaking shield Hyde if I wanted to shield Val I want to use D-pad or any to switch targets.

Also I got some Ideas for monster alt skins for example. For Kraken it look an like actual banshee and Wraith look like a phantom.

I hope some my ideas are worth take a look at I might have some other ideas as it may or may not help depends. What you guys are looking for. Thank you have a nice day Turtle Rock.


If they do come across it, i think they will like and there’s a slight chance they could use it. I think the hank and phantom thing are something I’ve waited for.


The visual % meter would be nice. In terms of choosing a target with the shield projector, I don’t see that happening or being easier. For consoles, what button would you make it? Can’t make it the D pad as that is for hot swapping. I honestly think hank’s targeting is fine.


This does compute. And if for Hank, why not for all battery tools? :smiley:


Dear Turtle Rock Studios,

I was wondering if possible is to separate the Damage from Wildlife and Monsters if possible. This came to me when I was trying to do Tech Sgt. Hank’s challenge on Orbital Drill. Also Details on the the challenge needs works as well but other a story. I was wondering if that possible separate the two damage from wildlife and monster.


You can see the challenge’s progress in here: http://evolvechallenges.com/

Thanks to one of the awesome devs from TRS, Mizx :slightly_smiling:


Dear Turtle Rock Studios and Buckets_Sentry_Guns

Thank you Buckets_Sentry_Guns but i didn’t mean those challenges I talking about Challenge of characters. Talking about that I was wondering if possible to show process and detail on set challenges when in Character select screen. I be honest sometime I forget what to do and stuff. It might be just me tho I hope some people can agree on it.


You mean the masteries? I actually think this is a great idea! I would love to see the mastery’s progress in the character select screen :smile:


I totally agree with this, I’d love to see how much I’ve got left to do to level up while choosing my character!


Some excellent ideas, especially the masteries thing. Always kills me not knowing what I need to do heading into a grind.

Old thread, though.


This just hit I am sorry for Multi post on this thread. When I was grinding the masteries can we have slideshow with the abilities and masteries. When I press start I was wondering if it is possible to have slideshow in pause screen on both solo and online mode?