If Monsters Can Eat Bucket, Then?


Just wondering if this is a gameplay mechanic to avoid infinite Lazarus revives or do monsters actually eat SlinkyGu- er… I mean Bucket? If it’s the latter than why don’t they just eat entire colonial settlements and evolve thataway?


Because fictional fantasy universe?




I’m saying it’s a fantasy universe. Some things just ain’t gonna make sense.


As has been posted before, Bucket is full of essential minerals to promote the growth of a bouncing baby Goliath and helps make him grow big and strong


The monster LOVES eating Bucket… He’s crunchier than all of the other snacks



So he’s a walking iron/magnesium/phosphate/etc vitamin pill?


Maybe the monster dosent know bucket is a robot and just eats him to be sure?

He does talk and shoot= eaten


But even a fictional universe has to explain itself with its own fictional laws. Otherwise, that’s just a story waiting to immerse itself in plot holes and that’s no fun.

Eg: Star Wars went to great lengths to explain every fictional thing, Star Trek, the entire superhero comic in universe all did too, catch my drift?


That’s a good point, plus the monsters known for eating bug poop for energy so i guess bucket isn’t that bad…


I had to post this. (From Evolve’s Facebook page)


Bottom line is, good gameplay will trump logical consistency every time. How does Val’s heal beam work on both humans, trapjaws, and robots? How does Bucket have an infinite supply of heads tucked inside his chest, which is presumably finite in volume? It doesn’t make sense, but it’s fun and balanced mechanically, so that’s good enough. If they ever write an Evolve series of novels, they’ll have to deviate from the game mechanics some or else come up with some highly sketchy explanation for them. But for the game, it’s good enough. It’s not a story-based game. There IS a story, but it’s not the center of the game. If it were, that’d be different.


Wow, that actually explained it quite well. And thanks for the laugh too mate!


The monsters could eat a truck, I don’t think bucket is a problem. Plus one of the conversations in the dropship is about the wildlife finding him to be a little to tasty.


I understand how a monster could eat a robot (powerful metabolism), but what I don’t understand is that after you eat the robot, it leaves human remnants like guts, bones, blood, and no metal! Lol. They should make it so that if the monster eats a robot (maybe some more besides bucket for dlc hunters), it gains very little armor, but loses some health. If the monster loses health, they will be more sure on which hunter to eat, and it will give a tactical advantage either way. He could leave the body for Lazarus, or eat the body so no one gets it and lose health.
That would be harder to make that decision as a monster than a hunter though. Oh well!

I still do want metal from robots, not guts of glory. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bucket DOES make some nods towards it; listen to him if Daisy ever picks him up. He contemplates how that works, but resolves to ‘just not think too hard about it.’ or something along those lines :wink:

I’m more curious to if he still spews blood and leaves a skeleton when the Monster eats him. THAT made me scratch my head :smiley:


I believe either @MacMan or @Matthew stated that Bucket is primarily made of Zinc and Iron, both vital for a growing Monstar.