If Monsters Ate Cake

Well…it’s a valid question. I’m guessing the monsters are omnivorous, and as evidence I bring forth the point that they can eat that blue crystal poop those bugs leave behind; that stuff can’t possibly be meat.

So if monsters ate sweet stuff, what could they eat?!?

For starters, this cake could probably double as an offensive weapon against the monsters.

And I don’t know where this particular cake came from, but with all those colors it HAS to be nutritious!


Well they did eat cupcakes once before

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I’d feed golaith sweets all day long.

Can someone Photoshop the various monsters eating cake? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I’ll…um…be in your debt? I dunno…

You people come up with the most random stuff I swear haha

lol. Can’t be all serious when hunting Monsters/Hunters can we now?

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You haven’t seen half of it yet.

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due to request i present two





HAHA! I like the second one. Goliath’s new adaptation, featuring CAKE BREATH.

I don’t know how that’d work, but it’ll be awesome.

He breathes icing on you.

Wraith would drink cake batter.

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Monster should gain FULL armor after eating one cupcake. This will help to balanced out the game in “high rank” and competitive play. We will see this implementation as soon as next patch 5.1 .


Your photoshops are the stuff of legends, my friend. I have laughed at every one of them so far.

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