If Markov could stack Arc Mines they would be called Arch Mines


If Markov could place Arc Mines in water they would be called Ark Mines.

If Markov could give Arc Mines to teammates they would be called Arc Yours.

If Markov had no lines he would be an Arc Mime.

If Lazarus could revive people at range he would be called Lazyrus.

If Slim was fat his healing drone would be called Albert.

If Torvald lost his hair he would be called Torbald.

A pack of Trapjaws is called a Bouquet.

A pack of Blitzleopards is called a Krieg.

A pack of Mammoth Birds is called Armageddon.

If a Hunter dies to wildlife, it is called Nomad’s land.

If it existed, the albino Dune Beetle would be called a Sardaukar.

The Crowbill evolves to a Crowbro when an Obsidian Grub bites its tail.

There is a hidden game mode only playable at 3am called Resqueue.

When Wraith runs away all game she is playing Hyde and seek.

When Hank did his cookout Lazarus kept yelling, “Eeling is possible!”

Abe is a dartologist that spends his time tracking darts.

When you Charge the support you might kick the Bucket.

Weather Control was responsible for Sunny.

Maggie’s favorite video game is DayZ.

Hating on a specific Monster is called Wraithism.

The Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle does not pierce armor.

A Missile-Guided Laser Launcher would have been more exciting.

When Griffin lets go of a harpoon he is releasing the Kraken.

Hyde gets his Toxic Grenades from League of Legends.

Gobi can see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Before Salveron made MedGuns they were called Salveroff.

Nordita’s Spanish division was called Gordita and it didn’t do well.

Fusion Plant is an amazing evolutionary leap for nature.

Acceleration Field is an excellent place to grow vegetables.

There is an old comedy show called Cabot and Ostello.

Cabot, Bucket, and Croooow! like to make fun of bad movies.

When Behemoth jukes, he leaves a sign saying “Gone Fissurin’.”

Goliath would be a classical musician if he’d stop throwing rock.

Kraken’s smooth facetentacles are from putting 3 points in Aftershave.

When a Monster leaves a game, it is called getting off the Stage.

Fire Breath can’t melt steel beams. Power Relay was an inside job!

Val: “Move ‘CIG’ for great justice.”

Jimmy Parnell cannot be rustled.

Two months from now, a Sloth will repeat one of these jokes.

Okay time to sleep. Hank memes bro.

Any comedians out there?
Calling all puns, calling all puns!

I love you and I hope you are immortalized forever.


In fact, you know what? This is somewhat unprecedented, but I’ve seen mods pin exceptional topics so…



Because the entire world needs to see this.



Some of these are pretty funny. ^.-


Great job!



If this thread is originated from Arc Mines, it should be called “Arc Memes”.


The Crowbill evolves to a Crowbro when an Obsidian Grub bites its tail.

I lost it at this one. Just take the internet points. Take them all.


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Post Armageddon.


So many birds…


That’s one hell of a feast.



If an Armadon attacks you, its called a Harmadon.

When Crow cosplays, he calls up his friend Bill to help with the costume.

When the Monsters celebrate the winter holidays, they put up a Wraith.

When Parnell is ready for a fight, he’s Kraken his knuckles.

Paddywhack paddywhack, give a dog a bone. Behemoth came rolling home.

Griffin’s Mutton Chops ought to be Shear’d off.

When Crow annoys the monster, he is told to Gobi irritating somewhere else.

I don’t like the T4 Medic. He seems a bit Slim for a hunter.

Cabot has a long Bucket list.

Goliath’s favorite movie villain is Shear Khan.

When Caira is using her Jetpack, she’s called Flyra.

When Markov hides his mine in a tree, it’s called a Bark Mine.

Goliath hates being late. He always has 3 points in Clock Throw.

Who would win in a fight, Supernova or Batnova?

Nananananananananananananana BATRAY!!!

If I’m not back again this time tomorrow, carrion, carrion.

What…? GOLIATH is evolving! Presses B

Wraith wants to learn ‘Nerfed Supernova,’ but it can only learn 4 moves! Which move do you want to delete?
Warp Blast Abduction Decoy >Supernova.

When Goliath kills a pervert, it’s called a Creep Smash.

When Kraken goes to Robot conventions, he shows off his Hitex.

When Goliath charges you, his attorney starts Kraken down on witnesses.

Behemoth reserves his boat space with a level 3 dock wall.

The hunters are tired of Hank cooking a Tongue Slab.

Mammoth birds fleeing strategies are so stupid its shocking.

When the Monster wins on Broken Hill, it’s called Smokin’ Hill.

Can you BELIEVE these puns? I’m Kraken up.




Did someone come up with a better gimmick than me?

With beautiful puns as far as the eye can see? ;-;