If Kala had an adaptation what would her monster related (support) kit be?

  • Elder
  • Behemoth
  • Miley
  • Hellheim Bob
  • Wraith Adaptation

these are the monsters that she currently doesn’t have kits with.

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Living Bunker: Her armor reducer reduces a teammates damage taken from monsters.

Lava Bomb: Fires lava bombs lol, alt fire makes her shoot clusters of them like old lava bomb.

Web snares: she fires web snares instead of banshees, which slightly reduces movement.

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I think Kala variants could be the most interesting. Resources dependant you could have a non-monster Kala (propaganda, she never got taken over by the monsters), and naturally also an actual monster Kala variant. Exciting potential, I hope it can be realised one day.


Yeah Kala has the biggest adaptation pool potential just because of her lore alone allows for it. XD

We could literally have dozens of her running around the game with how many monster abilities she could take in.


primary: spooder trap, kala fires out up to 3 weak spooder traps that are like mines but do less damage and slow/poison the monster

secondary: dimensional leap, kala’s arm has become more unstable. it now can access the movement powers of MONSTERS FROM DIFFERENT REALITIES that are caused by a different choice or pattern of atoms at the big bang (science, YAY) she randomly uses 1 traversal/movement ability: goliath would be leap smoosh but weaker (all of these are weaker) kraken would make her fly up and revert back to banshee mines (she hovers as well) wraith would be TINY warp blast bob would be a reverse tongue grab and gorgon would be a a web snare where she can latch to a wall, all of these are random so that takes out skill but meh

special: rock block, kala summons a small wall out of the ground (half size of lvl 1) and puts it in front of her and her team mates, this can save you from SOME abilities but wide range ones (rock throw leap smash) or ones that dont care about terrain (kraken fissure and spooder trap) would ignore it as well

Supernova: The beams supercharges her teammates to use their weapons faster. Things like battery operated kits simply drain faster for the usage.

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Imagine Slim with supernova.

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imagine barkov more like it


Imagines if you supernova Lennox.

SN kala (support)
Barkov/lennox (assault)
idk for trapper
slim/emet (medic)

Maybe for trapper you could sn Griffin and WLM-Daisy for damage. XD

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e griffen, abe or crow (would affect charge)

It would either be based on the 3 last monster if tier 6 comes out or it would be based on monster adaptations of tier 1-3

any that turns her into an assault please.

I’d say she takes from the 3 monsters variations this time around. She’ll take from Meatball, Kelly and Phaith.

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O would like her to take abilities from 3 other monster that came right after the original trio. I mean let her have behemoths, gorgons and some sixth new monster ability