If I wrote a book, would you be interested?


So I’ve noticed recently that this community is really nice and supportive and if anybody here disagrees or dislikes something they usually word it in a way to be more productive. So my question to all of you, if I wrote a book, would you read it?

I am 18 and am going to major in Video game design and I am trying my hand in art, music, programming (my focus), and story writing. I remember around Kala’s release @Matthew showed her backstory in a way and it was so well written. I just hope I could even get close to that.

My book is in the works right now with about 30 pages, it is the backstory to a character that my first game is centered around. Below is an excerpt from the prologue written in first person by Subject 7. She mentions she is a science experiment, she isn’t entirely human and that plays a big role in both the game and book. I just want to know if it seems interesting concept, or a good hook. And it has a really dark story line to it.

“This will be the first and last book I write. I’ve always wanted to write fiction, I wish the events I’m about to tell you were fiction. In a way, this is an autobiography of a science experiment, told mainly from my perspective at the time of the events. Although I’m looking at it as more of an explanation for the decisions I have made and am going to be making in the near future. This is why I’m choosing to die.”

if you want to see more, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wo86rmhkWMRIMnBF424R383mIN3FW5JdRV698PfWpmo/edit?usp=sharing
and only about 15 pages have been reviewed and revised. feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on the page.


I’d most definitely be interested. I’ve posted a lot my work, mostly short stories, here on the Forums. Seeing other people’s work is always good!


Definitely, bring it on!


thanks! I was a little nervous to put a link but if you wanna look into in more you can read it here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wo86rmhkWMRIMnBF424R383mIN3FW5JdRV698PfWpmo/edit?usp=sharing
just know that only about the first 10 or 15 pages have been looked over and revised. feel free to leave comments as well.


thanks! I was a little nervous to put a link but if you wanna look into in more you can read it through the link in I just added in the post.


I will give it a read after I finish eating.


thank you for the support! I’m really nervous to have strangers read it :sweat_smile: so far I’ve only had a few friends look at it.


Soon you’ll have thousands reading it, right? xp


Scary story?! I’m in!


yea i have three already looking at it :slight_smile::sob:


Shear wasn’t destroyed in a day right?


oh not really scary :confounded: sorry! just messed up and a little gory. there is a horror scene I’m planning on including in the game however.


haha yea XP :monster:



Then let’s see how it goes in 5 days


“Anonymous Crow” Is that you @Shunty?


I am heading off to college for video game design, this is me doing some story writing for one of the characters. the game will center around the player and her going through adolescence and either giving her a better life or being a burden. And there will be a scene for horror when they revisit the facility. but that’s all I will reveal :wink:


I’ve not read what you’ve posted yet, partly because it’s gone 4AM and I’m way too scatterbrained right now to give much constructive feedback on it. But, I speak as someone who’s been stuck at the stage of getting my ideas onto paper for the best part of 11 or 12 years now. So, my advice to you is this: If you’ve got the ideas tranferring onto paper, write that shit and get it out there. It might not be perfect, but few things are. As long as you’re able to take constructive criticism for what it is you should be fine.


yea, someone has left a few comments in the text that has helped me made the story flow better. And thanks for the suggestion XP


I finished it


I’m sure the reading got clunky towards the end, I wanted to crank out a lot of pages, but besides that did you enjoy it? And you don’t have to lie. XP