If I wanted to play as a hunter, I wouldn't leave every game I've joined so far


60 seconds for leaving a game doesn’t bother me. It’s stupid, but whatever. So far since the beta has went live, I have been the monster a total of 0 times out of the 7ish game’s I’ve tried to play. I have however been my number 5 preference 3 times out of the seven. Of those seven games, 3 have thrown me into a game already on-going and once during a monster’s stage 3 performance.

No thanks is what I say to that.

I’ll keep leaving until I can actually play the game how I want.

Why can I not just sit in a queue and wait for the actual role I want to play, spend money to play?

I’m not going to solo play as a hunter as my experience solo as a hunter is met with playing with the most clueless of morons. This is not an exaggeration. I gave it the benefit of the doubt during beta as it’s a new game and the majority of people are just quite slow at adapting and learning games.

This is all on console. Xbox one. My experience was largely the same in DA-COOP, but it’s easy to carry a team in that game.

My first time back was met with a trapper who just sat around once we landed and looked around. Clueless as to follow daisy.

I will leave every game as a hunter and take that 60 seconds time to do something of more valuable with my time. Like complain here on your forums.

PC was a different story during the big alpha however. I was the monster almost 100% and the players actually seemed to have a clue on that rare occasion I was not. I don’t mean this to be a console vs pc thing. It probably has more to do with the player pool size of each platform than anything, but who really knows, right? wink.


I’m thinking that there must be a lot of Monsters queuing up atm. They said that matchmaking is different this time around. Big Alpha was focused more on getting your preferential role. This time it’s more about pairing you with people of similar skill levels so priorities are lower in the matchmaking.


Welcome to the world of consoles. PC Monster Race ftw


Give it some time, more people are trying to play monster right now, have some patience. The best I can say is get 4 other people and make a custom match so you can be who you want.


Sorry is the closed beta up on Steam already for PC? Or is it based by time zone, because I am so excited to play this again since PAX Prime. And that was on console, I do hope it isn’t like this on PC and if it is… sad day. But again that may be only a way to test a larger pool of community size. But I will agree with you on playing as a hunter, communication is so vital between your team, which is a good thing for tactics and the teamwork that develops in a good match, but can be negative when paired with someone like the trapper you described above…


Beta for PC starts tomorrow.


If you were invited into the big alpha you should have gotten an email with a key code, or you can use your old one (I heard)…or if you have Bioshock Infinate or L4D in your steam library you can already go into your library and find it there to download.


Yes I already have it downloaded on my desktop! I was just curious when it was available to play, and just for owning one of those games allowing people to play in this beta is truly awesome and I am so excited to play it with my friends, and also against them as a raging monster!


It’s funny, because I’m having the exact opposite experience right now. I’ve got Monster listed as my 5th choice, and in 6 or 7 games, I haven’t been given the opportunity to play hunter (except in two in-progress games that only had 1-2 other players).

Every group I’ve been faced against have been, as far as I can determine via voice chat and repeat matchings, friends queueing up together. This is IMHO a problem - if a player has Monster as their last choice, they shouldn’t be queued up against pre-formed groups of friends, because it completely removes their character preferences.

The queue system should be putting players who picked Monster as #1 against those groups.


I hope they add 30 seconds to the timer for every time you quit in an hour. Quit 6 times? Have fun waiting 4 minutes.


Here’s some links that might help you find players who want to play Hunters only, so you can get some more matches in as Monster:


I just wanted to say, after playing some more yesterday, my preference was selected a lot better as a monster. Although I don’t know if it’s by game design or just people in my lobby did not want to play as it, but after every game was complete I would always be the monster and the map never changed unless we voted for a skip.


I think there’s something to be said for having a deeper perspective on this issue.

People timing out 60sec might seem harsh to them, but the net benefit for queue times is probably substantial for everyone else.

If one thing ‘sucks’ for the user its usually done because its got a net benefit that is significantly better then the alternative.


Monster is my first choice (X1) and I feel like it’s been very balanced. I did have a run last night that seemed to keep me in the Trapper role (2nd choice) for three or five games in a row, then the loading screen after the match locked up and I had to hard reset.


Literally nothing to do with PC vs consoles lmao.


I would raise it to a minute timer delay for each time left, after the first leave.

So no punishment for the first leave, but any other leave is a minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, etc.


I don’t think there should be an increase to the timer for the punishment. If you make it too bad people who get the monster and don’t want it will just stay at the spawn and die as fast as possible. That’s no fun for anyone, imo.