If I see Kraken, I Just Leave the Match (Kraken Balance Discussion)

Let me start off by saying I am on console, and I find every other monster bearable to fight against. But at this point in time, Kraken is just broken to all hell (Behemoth is too, don’t get me wrong) and chosen by near all people I get matched with. A combination of the aftershock hitbox, pounce hitbox, heavy attack hitbox, near CC immunity. It’s just too much of a task to fight him at this point.

“Learn to aim, you’ll do fine then.” I can aim just fine. It’s a combination of Krakens near CC immunity and insanely bursty movement that makes him too unpredictable. I’m able to get a good 5 or 10 seconds of sustained fire on him before his traversals are back and he is able to move out of my line of sight in one traversal. It doesn’t help this situation that CC doesn’t really slow his fly speed down, or pull him down unless all 5 are on him at all. Stasis seem to do practically nothing, whilst most Krakens spam air melee when flying, so any Harpoons are usually broken instantly, making Stasis the only viable counter to his flying, but they hardly affect him.

Aftershock. This, is a bit of an annoyance at this point. It seems to do nearly half health damage, and paired with the dive bomb Kraken tactic, it is nearly undodgable unless paired with Sunny. I feel as it stands at this point, it’s nearly and easy win button (on console at least). Given most pubs I join can result in 50-100+ ping (my internet is fine idk why), this makes Aftershock all the more deadly as it results in damaging outside of the hitbox. The same is happening for Lightning Strike (minus the dive bomb strat).

Banshee Mines. I believe these are balanced for the most part. When they are running at their maximum range, they explode on their own, and deal a fair amount of damage further than they would if they hit a hunter.

Heavy Attack. This is a severe annoyance as it can be used directly out of a pounce, and seems to hit from an infinite amount of angles, and has a large range. A large amount of times since Lennox’s launch, I’ve caught a Kraken grounded with their back to me, laying into them with the Plasma Lance to see them heavy attack someone infront of me, at least I thought, but they were hit, and so was I, being directly behind it. This happens uncommonly, though frequently. I have also been hit from the sides. Its range has seem to gone to an extreme as I have been hit being 20m in front of him (yes from the melee).

Pounce hitbox. I feel as though this has been mentioned so many times on other threads that it needs no explanation.

Cross-dome-body-camping. Oh boy, here we go. His air melee does prevent revives and typically are fired about every half a revive bar. There is time inbetween to revive, yes, but not enough to revive unless there’s a Lazarus. Thus meaning if you don’t have a Lazarus, if Kraken wants someone dead, they’re dead. Not much can be done besides punish, and prolong the death.

This is just why I personally feel as though I have a vendetta against Kraken. I believe these reasons make Kraken the least fun monster to fight. And if these are fixed, he will probably be much more fun to fight than he is right now. These are also the reasons that I tend to avoid fighting Kraken like the plague.


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