If I only have Left 4 Dead 2, will I be able to participate in PC beta?


Like the title says, will I still be eligible to participate?


I don’t think we have an official response, however, TRS was only involved in Left 4 Dead 1 so I would assume no.


That’s a bit disappointing :frowning: I guess I can wait a month for the official release if I cannot play the beta. I gotta tell you it’s the slowest month that I ever had to wait through.


If we’re lucky, those invited to the Beta will get giveaway keys :slight_smile:


Are you asking about specs??

They normally have an extra key give away on here; if that’s what you are asking about. L4D2 and Evolve don’t really have any connections.


That’s a big if my friend! I wonder why they didn’t include access to beta for the people that have prepurchased the game? That would only make sense to test the game that we have bought, no?


They normally do. But if an email wasn’t asked/ given; then less likely you won’t get a key.
That’s not a big “if”. On the alpha it was 3 keys to every person.


Yeah I was asking more about receiving a key to play the beta. I read somewhere that if you had L4D installed you would be eligible to acess the beta so I figured why not L4D 2? But as MAddcow pointed out, the development team that worked on L4D and the sequel were different I suppose, so I understand now.


It only says:

And if you already own Left 4 Dead or BioShock Infinite in your Steam library you can participate in the closed technical test

I don’t think you have to have installed.


Stick around and someone should be able to help you out.


Those who preordered supposedly got a code to get into the Big Alpha; and supposedly those who were in the Big Alpha will get invites to this beta, whether you have L4D or Bioshock or not.

We don’t know if those who preordered but didn’t take part in the Alpha will get individual emails again. It could make sense, but we just don’t know.



I have so many friends I want to invite!


Send us Beta key code generators for Big Alpha users and allow us to make it rain over the internets to people who want in.

Though I’m somewhat half joking at this idea.


Practically went that way for the Big Alpha. I asked for a Key and I got like 3 messages before the next morning with keys (Yes plural, as in more than one per person O.o) and then came into possession of another like… 8 during the Big Alpha itself. Got all my clanmates in for it hehe

So if it’s anything like how Big Alpha went, (Here’s hoping for those who want in!) we’ll see yall in game :wink:


Please can someone PM me a key :’(

I would happily appreciate it.