IF i join a almost finished game and we lose does it count as a loss?


I aways get pujt in as a hunter when the match is almost over and then lose…this does or doesn’t cound as a loss? I was under the impression that it didn’t count as a loss


No it doesn’t but any deaths do count. If you leave an in progress game you just joined it does count as a loss so it’s best to just stay because if you win it does count.


Just as @LosSalvatierras said, joining a game and losing does not count as a loss, but deaths do indeed still count. Quitting, however, does count as a loss.


ok thank u…but lets say I join at the end and the goliath has 2 bars of health and we fin9ish him off is that a win? even though joined late?


You get a win. It’s to encourage people to stay.