If I had money

I would hunt someone down who makes plushies, and request an adorable little Hyde plush.
Like fo’ reals.


Hey, hey Toilet.



Hey, hey, hey Toilet.



…Someone was making a line of action figures and they chose Markov over Hyde.

Now go forth and slaughter.

I… Where is the love for Hyde D:
I feel so alone ;_;

Meet @Sorrowgate. He too loves Hyde.

But can I share my insane obsession over Hyde with him ;w;?

I would imagine so?

Good… Goood…

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Ah, frig. I’ve been missing for a couple of weeks yet you still bloody insist on tagging me.

;-; Okay. No more tags.

:musical_note:“If I had money,
Like Henry Ford.
Lord I’d have me woman
On every road…” :musical_note:

Oh. Shit, this wasn’t about that song, was it?

I don’t mind honestly. Just have to make an entrance.

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What are you waiting for? Get out and make an entrance then! ;_;

No ;_; 10char

I just did. It worked on Midnight :slight_smile:

i cri evrytiem

We could be friends… 'cause Hyde…

Still can’t believe that Hyde’s toxic grenades don’t slow anymore. I’m not going to complain but what were they thinking?

I remember you from before anyway. Whereabouts in the UK are you?

(I completely agree about the nades. I’m gonna miss it, still, buffs are buffs.)
Uuum, I used to live in East Yorkshire! I moved out to Sweden to live with my SO.

Ah well. Sorry.

continues humming song in backround

Hey, wait a second. How could you even have a Hyde plushie? I mean, the house could catch on fire. That’s never good…

It would be so worth it…