If I Had a Million Dollars


Edit: Some clarification was needed:
Ok, I am FORCING you to spend 1 million dollars of this imaginary uber sum of money with which you have already:

A) Paid off AAAALLLLL outstanding debts and bills (medical, educational, or otherwise) you have
B) Given money to family & friends to do the same
C) Donated to all charities of your choice or created your own
D) Have done all Philanthropic things you always wanted to do for others with vast sums of cash
E) Invested in your future to insure your children and their children’s children will have building wealth

Now…that said…you have 1 millions dollars left to utterly and completely play with (throw away) for no reason whatsoever.
How do you spend that?

If you had a million dollars…what would you do (besides donate to charity and make the world a better place)?
What silly, frivolous things would you do or buy?

I would so order this, especially with the hover illusion!:


First, certainty: a paid house with everything in it (my own little man cave that has the best PC gaming station and on the other side my personal Manga Library). Money locked in bank accounts for my (future) kids. And with the rest give away to some family members and travel around the world.

As for charity, I have my opinion about these things so I prefer to spend it on those homeless in my own home country rather than elsewhere, or even more preferably to medicinal research.


You would buy a Snow Leopard…right?


You’re not thinking fourth dimensionally…It goes without saying you’d invest or give to charities and all that sensical stuff. This is just for silliness-sake and nonsensical stuff…what would you do or buy?


Seeing where 100% of your dollar goes is always a good thing!


Me too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I would definitely take both of my grandmas and cousins to different hotels and places, they rarely go out (no money) and they just love going to hotels (which barely happens) and I love being with them and seeing them happy.


I’d buy myself a Snow Leopard, probably two or three, the proper equipment and land for them to roam, and hopefully by doing this I’ll be able to start bringing the population back.


Buy WinRAR.


With 1 Million Dollars i would build a Thunder-Child then i will wait 40 years to became a Grandma and then i will hunt monster lol
Real Life Lennox 4 the win yeah


Travel the world! And ofcourse, buy all the kebabs in the world.


I’d be rich.


I would buy about 6 crappy cars and hold my own demolition derby with friends and family…or do this:

Real car Rocket League…um, minus rockets…epic save at 3 min mark!


Get rid of my right arm and get some cybernetic implants. Oh, and I’d buy some snacks.


Hmmm… probably buy a castle and then food… lots of food so I can recreate this beautiful dining room:

lol xD



I’d be the first man to ever have a fully digitalized house. Everything in control of one button, all installed by yours truly


Why only frivilous stuff? A million dollars really isn’t that much nowadays. I’d travel, find a place I wanted to live, buy a house there and then help my parents out. Any money left over would likely go to an animal shelter or something along those lines.

The only frivilous things I could see doing would be to build an arcade in my house, produce a movie or buy some muscle cars.


That reminds me. If I had any money left over, I’d get rid of the pain in my legs. Be it by removing them entirely, or finally being able to afford the medication to solve my problem.


Because if we start chatting seriously things are gonna get all deep and emotional up in here. That’s my only reason really, to why I say silly things.

And dude…produce a movie, that’s an awesome idea! What about?


That edit though.