If i can add something to evolve

  1. A assault that “grappling hook” him/her self an be pulled to the monster in the number 3 slot
    a beam like sword for very close range combat if you hold down the ADS you can block 50% of the
    monsters atk at the coast of batteries also id like to note as to deal damage it will also drain
    the batteries in the number 1 slot
    an uzi like gun for the 2 slot high rof fast reload short to mid range
    i can see this assault used as tanky up in your face play eating dmg for the team if he/she is able to stay in front of the monster

2.a light cc like support his/her 3 slot would be a “CC drone” think of it working like slims bug but on the monster an slowing
not healing the monster would maybe swing at the bug twice to break think of aiming it like slims bug
not jst look the way you want an fire his/her 2 slot would be an beam gun that add’s time to the monster cool downs
an for the 1 slot a flankgun/cannon i think it be nice for a flying monster an the cloud puff’s can look neat an maybe even keep with the theme of
cc with the cloud make it harder to see for the monster

  1. medicine man/woman its 3 slot is a decoy that mimic the player actions or bot maybe even do like 50% or even 25% the healing an dmg
    the player does not go stealth an taken a action does not break decoy its slot 2 is a plasma globe like heal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_globe
    20-15m heals all hunter in range in a hps manner till the clip is out its 1 slot is a sound suppressor smg i can see this medic given the option for teams to play
    in a blob allowing it to be a good idea to group up

  2. a monster that shows us it is evolving to its prey maybe a human like biomech its 1 slot can be an emp like blast does not shut off hunters 4 slot but
    if use at the right time stop them from using it an light dmg the monsters 2 slot is a CC mine/pod its placed in the world the same way traps are the mine burrows in the ground an if a hunter gets to close
    it pops up burst blinding the hunters an deafening them an dealing light dmg the monsters 3 slot is a aimed beam that deals dps with mid to long range no knock back an its 4slot
    is a high knock back mortar atk an its traversal would be jet pack i see this monster played like an ambush er monster find the spot he wants to fight in sets up a few mine’s/pods hunters
    fall in to the trap the mines/dops trigger lunch mortar atk hunters are blind deaf an scattered pick you focus emp then beam

just odd stuff

  1. a monster that can swap locations with a hunter

  2. once you have all 3 stars on all 3 ability’s the score screen in worthless can that exp an stuff go to like mastery 1 2 3 4 5 an so on

  3. make skins an make all or part the profit go to a tournament

  4. maybe from some skins we can change the model of the gun like markov’s arkgun make it look like a 60’s ray gun he is from mars

  5. allow the community to make skins to be sold in shop


Wow some awesome ideas! I especially love your take on this Assault, I don’t know how well the melee would work though, it would have to be like a burst damage type thing I feel like


if he/she can stay close an that’s kinda the idea need some burst to make you a threat to get the monster to face you an push you away not to over the top dmg if you manage to get the monster’s focus you have the block to help hold you in its face an since the blocking an dps are using from the same clip there is a push a pull to it