If I buy the Monster Race Edition now do I get Behemoth?


Hey all,

If I buy the Monster Race Edition now will I still get Behemoth or was he free only for pre orders?



I believe so, just let me check. Be right back!


Alright, just checked- it doesn’t say, so I guess not. Ask a dev though.


Sorry I think behemoth was actually a pre order bonus only thing.


It will be available for separate purchase when the it comes out though.


This. Behemoth isn’t listed in the PCMR expansion list so I doubt it’s included, but you can buy it separately for about 15 dollars.


I didn’t think the Behemoth came with the MR Edition but this graph says it does, found the graph on this forum.


That also says you can pre-order the PC PCMR edition from Gamestop lol. It isn’t 100% accurate…

Still though, that is a good point…


I do find it disappointing that the Monster Race Edition doesn’t come with all the monsters. $100 should give you all the dlc they have planned.


Now I’m confused too :frowning: I was under the impression that PCMR got Monster 4 regardless, while Preorder received both it and Monster 5.


Preorder got monster 4. It is strange that the Monster Race edition would get monster 5 but not monster 4.


Could a Dev or Mod confirm this either way please

I’ve been looking at purchasing the PCMR and the way its worded seems like its included, the steam store page says it includes a fifth playable monster, if you buy the PCMR now it also names the other four monsters before saying you receive the fifth playable one, if you don’t get the Behemoth its technically not a fifth playable monster it is the fourth “you” can play with your purchase.