If I bought a copy of evolve on PS4 am I not eligible for founder status for Evolve: Stage 2?


I bought a copy of evolve for PS4 when it first came out and I loved it, I didn’t unlock everything but I unlocked all the monsters and medics that were available at first at launch. However at the time I didn’t have a good enough computer to play Evolve, and my friends didn’t have PS4’s so we didn’t end up playing together. Now that it will be free on PC and I have a decent enough computer I’m sure I could get some of them to play with me and I’m excited about that, but… seeing all this talk about how Turtle Rock is rewarding those that supported them early has me really worried that just because I had a PS4 copy that I wont be able to have founder status. Will I be able to acquire founders status somehow?


There is a question that I’m not sure has been answered yet as to whether you would get founder status on PC, however when the update comes to consoles you’d certainly have founder status on your PS4. It’s a good question though


I’m wondering that as well, plz gimme the founder status? I bought the 2 season passes…


OK, just had it confirmed on the Discord chat, Founder status is for the platform you own it on only. This is because, to my understanding, there isn’t a way to easily connect your accounts cross-platform.


There’s gotta be a way… is there really no way to link two My 2K accounts?


I think there is technically, but logistically it doesn’t sound like they’re going to go down the route of processing that. I know from weekend challenges how much of an effort it is to deal with people who haven’t for some reason received the skins on the platform they already play on, so dealing with linking accounts that way can’t be any easier!

Edit: and positive thoughts time, a strong PC week of Evolve will help to mean you won’t need to wait long for the consoles to get their patch hopefully!


That’s a shame… I’d like to see the console players catch a bit of a break.

Guess I’ll just have to try and find as many bugs as I can so the patch is ready to hit consoles as soon as possible.