If Hank can Orbital Barrage a target when ever he wanted then why is it not possible not to Barrage the planet Shear from of Monsters?


Think about it. I remember Bucket talking to Hank how he had been able to “borrow” the Orbital Barrage system that colonist used to clear land. So if Hank has the ability to simply take barrages when ever he wanted why is it not possible to destroy all the land that the monsters control. A perfect example of this being the perfect solution is during the mode Evacuation. Any how I believe that if you can safety kill these monsters from the skies why go down on the planet with gigantic monsters.Another quote that fits this is when Hyde says “Why don’t we fucking bomb the fucking planet, or better yet napalm.”


Because you’d kill a ton of innocent people, destroy vital infrastructure, and ruin any hope anyone evr had about salvaging anything whatsoever.

Also, it would cost a lot more. A lot more. Plus there’s no guarantee it’d kill all of them. Monsters could evade the sectors being bombed pretty easily. Plus they could go underground, or teleport. Or go back to where they came form, or go somewhere else since you’d be doing their job for them.


Yeah but in the final moments of evac if the ship goes down or not you will just bomb the heck out of them once you’ve saved as many people as possible.


I think the technology isn’t that versatile, it’s mainly used to clear land so they might only be the one with a limited load of missiles, which wouldn’t be able to clear the planet. It also seems like it needs someone to deploy it, and it requires knowledge of where the monsters are. Also it seems like the monster attack came largely as a surprise, so it would have been too late to use it to wipe them out (you could certainly damage them harshly though)
Using the orbital to defend the evac would only really work with the in-game logic as since if they’re attacking the generator and you attack it using the orbital, you’re doing their job for them


The system isn’t that versatile. It’s a single satelite, and that thing orbits the planet. Plus it’s actually quite imprecise for the type of weapon it is. Would at best kill more civvies and destroy more infrastructure than the Monsters.


I’d assume using munitions from orbit would cost lot of money, too time consuming and use up a lot of resources.


You’re basically talking Exterminatus from 40k and even in that universe with demons and shit, it’s only used when the situation is 100% fubar.


Hank. Stealing your jobs since 2015.


Are you american?


Its the future, don’t ask questions.


Also, it takes 6 months to travel to Shear and the hunters barely make it in time, arriving during the 5 last days of the evacuation.
When the Hunters first were called in, it was assumed it was just a wildlife problem that would require the best planet tamers. So unless NORDITA figured out the planet was lost within 5 days, no orbital bombers would have made it in time.


Like people have said, I’m pretty sure that the main reason to avoid an orbital bombardment is that by the time the Hunters arrive, their job is ‘Hold back the monsters enough to get the planet evacuated’. It’s all about getting everyone out safely.

An orbital bombardment would end up killing too many people - even if they waited until the colonists were on the ship, a full bombardment would potentially do too much damage to the evacuation ships. Hank can use a limited, very small-scale bombardment… pretty much a surgical strike. Safer to use, but really only useful against one monster.


What about that special condition space laser?
It automatically finds the monster.


now if they could just “borrow” the Hammer of Dawn from the C.O.G. then they would be cooking with Emulsion!


Just curious, did Hyde actually say this, or are you referring to a quote in my story I wrote several months ago?

“Oh cram it up your…” He stops when he meets her eyes which are ablaze with carefully controlled fury. “Fine, but I don’t understand why we don’t just carpet bomb this sh*t, or better yet, Napalm.” he says with a wicked grin.

Post is in this thread, post #4, paragraph 4


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Oh yeah now I remember . Yep sorry. though I actually thought it was real. ill change it if you want.


Nah, it’s good. I’m just proud that my story was good enough to have been mixed up as something the characters really said. It does sound like something he’d say lol