If Evolve has taught me anything


Its that this thing will probably wake up and kill you if you get too close.


I watched a film today, they were rushing over grass and I got worried. Thought I saw a chomp plant… :worried:



flies directly into rock toad


that is the megamouth that all other megamouths (<- ???) look up to. literally.


I look at that picture, and all I can think of is this:


If I learned anything from Evolve…

Its that Humans in the future are a LOT more durable in the future. They can withstand…

Flaming rocks to the face…

Direct hit by a lighting bolt…

Getting shredded by a mobile wood chipper…

And get pelted by a ball of burning magma…

Also teamwork and stuff like that…




Evolve has taught me not to alarm flightless birds. Instead of running away, they may decide to electrocute you.


I can see them getting up…




T taught me killing your enemies and eating their flesh lets you grow stronger


Evolve taught me that if you ever meet a space crocodile, don’t try and give it a hug


One of the Elder Dragon’'s to awake in Guild Wars was thought to just be a mountain for a long time. I like that this was in the game a long butt time before Guild Wars 2 came out :slight_smile:


I loved GW1 but GW2 is such a disappointment :frowning:


My wife and I love Gw2. :frowning: Sorry to hear that you don’t like it.


It will literally swallow you whole.


They don’t show enough love to WvW’ers so it got stale for me. GW1 had more strategy with the builds you could make.


My server was really good at WvW but then all the good guilds all jumped ship during the first round of transfers. So now my server is terrible at WvW :frowning: