If Evolve had a demo version what would it be like?

Demos are a rarity these days
######and looking at EA’s Free Game Time, its not a demo you get full access to a base game for for a few days, its like steam free weekend, but you get to choose when you want to start playing.
Was looking into free demos on steam and it got me thinking, I wonder what would a demo version of Evolve be like.

I’m thinking

  • only tier one available for hunters and monsters.
  • masteries and badges are locked.
  • maps available will only be three
  • The Damn
  • Broken Hill Mine, I believe everyone deserves to hate this map.
  • Fusion Plant, its a great map though the relay area near the waterfalls need working.

  • Skirmish, Evacuation or Hunt only?
  • Wraith has 200% Duration and Goliath only comes in Neon Pink

yes this demo game is perfect!


But… What’s up with that gif? O.O

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The chorus of the song goes

Don’t go chasing waterfall
just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to

Which is alike to how rough the area on top of the waterfalls is for monsters.


Sounds cool in theory but judging from the average intelligence found in the Steam Community, I’d say it’ll merely cause a 500% increase in pay2win threads.

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Does it matter? They’ll all be moved to “Thunderchild’s Punching Bag” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Even if the game went free to play people still rage about the dlcs being too expensive.

I loves you DP BTW, how did you scale the inner glow?

Mad Photoshop skills.

No I meant, how did you figure out the ratio or numbers to line up the glow just right? I mean other than just through upload and retry and upload and retry.

I wouldn’t restrict the map usage but restrictions to T1 and no masteries are perfectly fine as long as multiplayer was enabled.

Could be like 5-10hours of demo time. Enough to get some experience with the characters

I think you replied to the wrong guy.

I would think a demo would be unlimited time, but only tier 1 and only solo hunt. They can get a good grasp on what they game is like, but they have a good incentive to buy it if they like it. Plus if it’s only solo mode you won’t have to deal with demos getting smashed in ranked and giving up.

Unless demos were only paired with demos.

Mainly because skirmish with demos would be horrible. Lol

It should be:

  • Tier 1 only
  • No masteries/badges
  • Limited Perks available:
    — Jump Boost
    — Damage boost
    — Eating Speed
    — Movement Speed
  • 4 Maps only:
    — Fusion Plant
    — Aviary
    — Weather Control
    — Brewery
  • Can play only Hunt and Nest
  • No skins
  • Shop only sells full version of the game

Demo is monster/hunter tutorial haha, git gud before you can experience the awesomeness

The problem with matching demos with demos is that you would have to have a lot of demos always playing or they would just sit in matchmaking and have an unfun experience.

i did that was weird, i think the reply was meant for @Rickvs

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I just drew a perfect fit circle on the square image. It needs to touch the center off all 4 sides of the square borders.
Anything outside of that circle won’t be used by the forums anyway. Just apply the inner glow however you like, best and fastest way would be Photoshop’s Blending Options.

Now work your magic.

wow that simple huh? Can’t believe I didn’t thought about it myself.


Yay I got it working.

Teir 1 only.
No masteries.
No level up.
Level 1 Dmg resist, bonus, movement speed, and reload available.
All maps available.
Evac locked.
24 hours time limit.
If you buy game within 24h of demo being finished you keep your progress in ranked.

They get a new map!? :open_mouth:


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