If Evolve fans had a name


So we were talking in the alpha thread about what name we could give community members, and I think we should submit ideas here, then do a poll to properly name ourselves…

I submit the name Evolutionaughts :slight_smile:


@SlinkyGuy can make a poll out of our favorite ones!


Evolvians … idk i am horrible at this :stuck_out_tongue:


Turtle Rock Fan Club? :stuck_out_tongue: Volvers, Evolveists. The Evolve Community. People That Play Evolve.

or we could be the other set of Evolutionists so people discuss us without knowing when they discuss that idea/philosophy.

but seriously “Did you hear what the Turtle Rock Fan Club came up with?”

Dorky and interesting at the same time.




TRS cult.




hehe have other games had community member names?

“Halo-ites” “Mass Effect-ers” “Supreme Commanders” ??

Ok this sound sillier now :stuck_out_tongue:


the evolution


Is there is game with a community that has a name?


The Turtle Rockers :guitar:


The Darwinists?
Shear Walkers?


I’m putting in my entry of “Evolutionaries.”


Goliath Humpers, huh what?


I love all of these so far! Let’s all agree on which ones in this thread are our favourites ones and maybe once then, we’ll do a poll of the top maybe 5-10 favourite ones? :smile:


The Beard Lickers


The Evolved
I liked @PeirsPryce, but maybe Evolvonaughts
And I like 4v1ers


No. That’s a Mitsubishi left in the dust of a Subaru STI. :wink:


evo x yes. evo 9’s no…


For me, it’s Evolvers
Or maybe munster (hunter + monster?)


yeah Evolvonaughts works too :stuck_out_tongue:


What about The Evolved?

(oops my head musn’t be on my shoulders today @mrdiscoman already had it up there)