If Evolve Characters Had a Personal Song


In this thread, we try to pick the perfect song that matches each of the Evolve characters, including the Monsters. The format - pick a character, then a song (be sure to give the artist and song name), and then give an explanation as to why it would fit.

I’ll start:

  • Goliath: “Time to Murder It” by Hatebreed; you need a heavy and loud song to really capture the Goliath’s pure button-mashing, frenzied play style.
  • Kraken: “Release the Kraken” by Clutch; hello? This one’s obvious. Maybe too obvious.
  • Wraith: “Black Moon” by Cypress Hill; Ethereal and supernatural sounding to emphasize the Wraith’s deceptive, otherworldly nature, and yet when it gets going it’s heavy and gangsta enough to pump you up for when you are ready to fight.
  • Behemoth: “Stop the Rock” by Apollo 440; Something bouncy and fun to represent the beer-and-pretzels play-for-the-lulz nature of the Behemoth monster. And dat ability to morph into a boulder, tho - makes this song totally fit.

So, take it from here! Which character fits to which song, and why?


Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’!



Hyde : Light Em Up by Fallout Boy

Caira Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen



Hyde: Burn MF
Markov: Ride the Lightning
Parnell: Here comes the boom
Torvald: Titanium (sorry not sorry)
Kraken: Thunderstruck
Behemoth: Proud Mary (keeps on rollin, rollin)
Wraith: Hips dont lie
Caira: Cant stop (red hot chili peppers, we dont speak of miley cyrus >_>)
Sunny: Walkin on sunshine (Hurr hurr)
Bucket: Mr. Roboto
Abe: “ooooh you touch my Tralalal”
Thats all i have so far


Ooh ooh! I have a more specific song for Bucket that’s dubstep: “I’m Everywhere” by Teknoaxe. Yes, I know that’s the theme song for Jack Septic Eye’s YouTube channel, but it fits Bucket, since Bucket’s consciousness isn’t bound to his robot body and can survive as long as there’s a computer system that supports him.


This song is Hyde’s song


i think Behemoth should have a more violent song, because his personnality is being very brutal and violente, i can confirm this with his pounce animation, he pinches someone to the ground and smash the poor hunter with his giant fist again and again, he also has a gigantic roar


Godflesh - Merciless: https://youtu.be/rOpTRSBcX8w

@thegamer118 I think I have a good one for that purpose. See above.


pictures behemoth standing on a cliff, the landscape is filled with volcanoes and lava, the sky is very cloudy and dark, lightning strikes all around and Behemoth stands there, roaring” ah yiss


When no one is near Hyde get the headphones and dance this