If cheater then no replay

I just discovered that if you play with/versus cheater the game will not be in Evolve Hunters Quest replays. I played with a cheater about two weeks ago 3 games (it was regularly cheater - vortex cd 0,1 sec, infinite jetpack, etc) and I wanted to see those games in application but it wasn’t there. I thought it’s a bug or something like that…

this is only a proof for those who don’t trust me

but today I played against another regular cheater. I played Goliath, he played Cabot. I was dust tagged all the time, he had no cooldown and had infinite jetpack, I’m absolutely sure it was a cheater so I went to the application to see replay and it’s not there again.

Sooo… if you suspect that someone is using cheats, go to your replays and check that. If there will be a replay, he’s not a cheater.

I’m 100% sure that I’m absolutely right!

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As far as i know, the app only saves the last 10 replays. so in short - you can overwrite them by simply playing too many matches afterwards.

I don’t know if thats what happend tho, if this is indeed something that happens after a game with someone using a cheat engine, then i suposse that could be used as undeniable evidence - wich would BE HELLA NAISE! :smiley:

This guy might be right. I installed the hunters app to check upon a couple of fishy replays as some people suggested to check if the dome was in fact coming down more quickly then 30s and behold: Not a single replay of my matches against that particular dude. Since I played a long straight session I had replays but the last games are missing. I played more games, but there is no replay for them for some reason.

So if it really came down to the last 10 games they should have been watchable for me.

I know but this is my last game, I played it 30 mins ago and it’s not there, I know I’m right. :slight_smile:

Well if thats the case, i Hereby summon @MacMan ! Might have to look into this, could be something nifty to deal with hackers if/untill a proper Anti-cheat is put into the game (VAC is useless…)

I hate Fcking cheaters…

Caira is a scientist, Ofc she hates cheaters :wink:

They break my hypothesis!!


I really hope if they implement anti cheat stuff that they do not use punkbuster. I’ve been banned once by it when I use to play Crysis and I never cheated. Was really sad since I loved playing power struggle.

I highly dubt they’d use Punkbuster. it’s not consistent enough for a 60$ game.

I had a game with a cheater and I managed to get a replay, so it might be dependent on how they’re cheating

We all love fighting with, or against cheaters. Isn’t it fun? :wink:

I’ve only played with that one cheater, we did win (which was fun) but I think that’s an exception to the rule

Parnell voice Which is what?

we need fairfight

I had a few games against that same guy with boxes for a name. he was with a friend that had some letters but mostly boxes in his name. I could not get my replays on evolve hunters quest, I think friday night. It was late, they chased me consistently and I thought it was very odd that I could not get from one end of the map with them, to the other end without them being within smell range still, making evolving quite difficult. If they had unlimited jetpacks, that would make sense on how they could keep up with a goliath with leap smash and charge.

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That’s an interesting thig. The real question is why? Why does the system not recognize those things?

That could be a basis for a way to identify cheaters in-game.

Reviewing my games, I found video evidence that one of my games I played with “box guy” where he was the medic, however, he had only 5 boxes in his name, not 6 like your screenshot and he does not seem to be cheating. If he is, it was pretty bad or great at not looking like he was.

This is not the game I was thinking of, but I will keep looking for that match.

I suspect they added some “cheat detection” to the post game stat analysis, like “hey this Monster is moving way too fast” or “this hunter is spamming this ability” or whatever.

It’s probably very complicated to get something like that working in game that wouldn’t also be easily patched by hackers or trigger false positives because someone got rocketed by a Kraken or Hank’s artillery.

However, they can’t hide the post game stats collected by the server, which can be safely analyzed later. If suspicious activity occurs in the game, flag the account associated with the suspected hacking. From there they can begin observing hackers, trying to determine how to detect their hacks, and then issuing a giant banwave all at once.

All speculation, but this sorta strategy means they have to remain quiet. If they tell the community what they’re up to, it’ll make it easier for the hackers to dodge bans and get away with this crap for longer.

I went through my replays and it must have been during the week when I was not recording. But I remember the match and it was one of my last of the night and the next day at work, I couldn’t review it, it had the matches before it, but the matches never showed. I believe it was 2 matches, maybe 3. And I wanted to review those as I felt like I really struggled as the monster and what I was doing to allow them to keep up with me.