If Bucket was an assault


Does anyone else feel that Bucket would have made a better assault, even with his UAV tracker, than a support? Imagine bucket with a personal shield, instead of a cloaking field. Now imagine that Bucket with Hank, or Sunny, or Cabot. Heck, He might have actually made a pretty damn good assault.


I thought the same when I first played him. He is just missing a few tools for him to be considered a viable support. He could possibly be tweaked to perform better then he currently is or if all else fails make him a assault class.


I agree, bucket is extra damage with a UAV. He could have been an assault.


@Sorrowgate talked about this a couple’a weeks ago :wink:


I find this post funny actually. Im on mediums such as twitch a lot, and have been basically making this exact assertion for bucket for as long as I can remember. Ie adding synergy to his UAV by making his rockets auto-home when the monster is tracked (including anyone elses tracking, giving him good synergy with val and abe- and with crow to a lesser extent), while also increasing the range of his sentries to notable distances in the dome (Which might necessitate some considerations to the UAVs cooldown, as it is now if bucket chose he could basically keep the monster tracked 100% of the time). Glad to see im not the only one on this train of thought.

Another train of thought/idea was to tweak the UAVs tracking darts a bit. Id love it if we could fire the darts freely, instead of having to hold the monster in the center of the screen for a bit of time. But give the UAV unlimited ammo, and a lengthy “reload” (similar to the time it takes to have them in the center right now). This way a bucket COULD fire the darts off (from a reasonable distance even), and be to his team that much faster (While still having a mechanic that has some risk/reward). Id also be ok with the darts applying a tranqing effect similar to vals for a few seconds, once again helping bucket “catch up” to the team.


Changing his missile launcher to just firing a barrage of lock-on missiles in one click (like Torvald’s autofire shotgun) would be a nice start. Tweak the range, DPS and health of his sentries, add an auto-lock on/damage buff on the Monster with a UAV tag, replace cloak with a personal shield and we’re good to go. Lay down sentries, pull off head, tag the Monster, then start launching barrages of hellfire missiles.


Just take out the UAV and he’ll lean to the assault position more. I don’t see proper support in a fight which is why I don’t see him as a support. Yes he keeps extra damage in a fight, but wouldn’t cabot be better to go with? He amplifies damage 2X which puts heavy pressure on a monster. Bucket is all about damage and cabot is the same, but cabot intensifies the pressure which is direct support.


That missile volley isnt a bad idea either, actually.

Itd A- Look bad ass if done right. Which we know is the most important thing. Thinking of you macross. Missles winding everywhere.

But B, and most importantly, address one big issue with bucket- His “burst” damage. Give them a cooldown/reload that allows him to fire as many rockets over time as he does now (or even slightly longer, considering the power of burst damage), and thatd be pretty bad ass to me.


His personality even screams Assault. He gleefully launches missiles at the Monster while singing! Singing!


I always thought it was a bit strange that the two original members of the group, partners for years, could never be on the same team because they both play the support role. Bucket certainly seems to have a thing for shooting.


I still think he fits the support role better than the assault role. Assaults are supposed to be in the monster’s face, tanking damage and dealing it. He fits the dealing damage role well, but not the taking it. Now, I’m not saying this because he doesn’t have a shield (which he would obviously have if he were an assault), but I’m saying this because of his kit.

He needs to be deploying sentry guns when a dome goes up. If he is doing this, then he can’t be in the monster’s face dealing damage. If the monster does focus him, then his turrets will be destroyed the second he places them, before they can even do damage.

I do think that his kit isn’t up to par on the utility scale when compared to the other supports though. He does great damage, but something just doesn’t feel right with him being the role that he is. I mean you can create “safe zones” for your team and spot the monster, but there isn’t much active supporting going on (like Sunny boost or Hank shield).

More than anything, I think it’s just the fact that you don’t know how well you are doing with Bucket (ie damage), whereas with Sunny you can see that you’re boosting a teammate out of trouble and with Hank you can see the damage you are shielding (ie visual representations of how well you are doing). If that makes any sense :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel he fits the support role well. He is meant to be a peeler, people just assume he is meant to be a second source of damage. While he can be a second source of damage, if the monster plays poorly, this isn’t his goal. His goal is to create safe havens that pull the monster off of allies. This can be pulled off by bringing an ally into a turret zone, and then cloaking them. Trying to find a cloaked hunter while under the constant harassment of turret damage can throw monsters on tilt. The biggest issue with Bucket currently isn’t with Bucket, but rather with how he is played, and the current power level of Goliath’s Flame Breath.


everyone here is missing the big picture, turn uav into a flying turret with half the flying time and keeps shooting at the monster when eating and has a bigger cooldown ^.^