If anyone has Behemoth's Elite Skin Please post a picture of it :)


I’m grinding Behemoth, and I want to see what I’m working towards. So please post a picture :smiley:


your profile pic is so darn cute i just wanna squeeze the life out of it ^.^


It’s albino white like the other monsters. Sorry I don’t have a picture ): I saw it a few matches ago. Just imagine him like a white marble when rolling (:



Thank chu :3


I can give you a video instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw5PRMoR-Is :octopus:


OH MY GOD I WATCH YOUR CHANNEL I’M SO SORRY XD I didn’t recognize the name XD



Somewhat I’ve seen your video before even before you put link FYI your a pretty good editor


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Still need pics? i have a bunch of in-game high quality pictures on hand.


I have a challenge for you! the grounded Goliath :goliath_roar: which means no leap smash or leaping. Id recommend charge 3 with cooldown





I can’t



Thanks for doing the challenge for goliath!!! i dont know if anyone else gave that same one but i have an even worse challenge to really test the limits! Wraith you must win with abduct and decoy you can only add extra at stage 3 but pretty much Abduct And Decoy only.


I can send you a picture of my elite behemoth, but you have not taken me to the movies yet soo…