If A Player Has Elite Skins, Does It Make Other Skins Irrelevant?


I personally never use anything other than my elite skins and I have the elites for all characters. I know people sometimes choose other skins despite having the elite but when using the elite, it’s kinda better for me because I’m showing off something that I earned by spending time to master that character or Monster. Just my personal opinion and wanted to see what other people think.


It depends, I like using both my elite skins and my tiger skin for Goliath.
I like the Elite cuz its loud and makes me stand out, really gets the “I DON’T CARE” vibe across.
But I also like Tiger because personally I think it looks better, cuz…tigers…absolutely.
I only use elite skins on hunters tho, I don’t buy hunter skins


With the hunters, I just like the look of the elite skins (Except on bucket. I got his elite skin and I’ve only used it like twice because of that sexy predator skin). I’d use other skins on monsters- not a massive fan of the elite. Savage wraith all the way!


Nope! So many good skins. Elite skins aren’t even that artistic. The new custom skins they’re coming out for monsters though… are AWESOME.


Another reason I only use elite is I’m broke so yeah lol event skins are nice but elites are my favorites.


It depends on my mood and the character I am playing as. I don’t like the Elite skins for the Medics, so I use my Valkyrie skins.


Savage Skin (PreOrder)-----------------------------------Elite Skin (Free)--------------------Bog Wraith Skin (Paid)

Goliath Tiger Skin (Paid)

Now come on here… Tell me which skin you’d wear/looks more awesome.


Probably tiger if I could afford it but still elite skin as weird as that sounds.


I don’t have an Elite monster yet, but I’ll hopefully elite Behemoth by the end of the night. I just need a few more lava bombs!!!


No accounting for taste? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. I’m glad you like the elite skins :slight_smile: I feel like they’re a bit of a copout for the hunters (Being guns only), and well… until a winter map comes out, I don’t like sporting albino. But to each their own :smile:


I have purchased a few myself. I am slowly, oh so very slowly getting things to Elite. At least this way I can have my characters and monsters look great in the meantime. This “earned vs paid” argument is getting old. I work hard (in real life), I “earn” the money I use to buy these little luxuries. Whether it’s your day job or a set of challenges netting you something you want, we all win.


Never said paid isn’t special the way earned is. I’ve never paid for any skins though so for me it’s earned versus free event, Magma from season pas, or pre-order Savage Goliath.


Come again?


Personal opinion, and you’re interpreting better as more special. I meant more appealing to me.


Edited to better imply what I meant. Sorry if it bothered you.


For days son


Lol yeah those are good. Purple is my favorite color and although they’re not straight up purple they come close. But alas, I have no money to spend. :cry:


That´s Savage skin, not Magma skin :slight_smile:


I don’t use any of the elite hunter skins, except Daisy’s… er I mean Maggie… totally meant Maggie. I find the gold kind of dumb looking. The albino skins are pretty cool but I don’t play monster so… ya.


I don’t use any of my elite except behemoth, mostly because I haven’t bought sandstone yet. Out of the elite skins Krakens is my fav but I can’t play him sooo…

I buy pretty skins to use em. I don’t really use any event skins either, see em often enough on everyone else.