Idle to leaderboards and vote to kick


People are just going idle to get wins especially with the Goliath. Take away the peoples wins that just bot for their wins. It’s not fair for the people that are actually playing.
There should be a vote to kick option like left 4 dead.
Please take away the idle with the goliath, or make the bot do far worse than the player so people do not bot the wins.

I am begging for help with this. The game is so much fun, but playing against people that can bot to win is not cool. It’s killing the game for me and my friends.


Vote to kick can be exploited, so no. Most people don’t want it in the game.

And bots are not that challenging. : /


Take away the entire idle system then. Play or don’t. You shouldn’t level, or leaderboard off the bots.


I don’t use the idle, so I don’t care either way. Would have to get anthers opinion on that.
But then again, I’ve been 40 for a long time.


Idle is great for going to the toilet or cooking coffee and anything else that comes
in between. I don’t wanna have to leave the match when I am receiving a phone call.

What could be done is to limit the time you can stay idle to 5 minutes. Like in L4D.
Problem solved!


Problem not solved! Play the game or don’t why should you get the EXP that your bot did, and hit the leaderboards form it? Furthermore any of that should be done between games, not during. Read this guys post: Evacuation, Idle the entire time This is why it should not be in there or maybe limited to 1-2 minutes.

Your argument of the bots are not that hard: Bot monster is too strong People agree it’s a problem.


Calm down there buddy. I love the take a break feature. It helps me rank up on the leaderboards while I am at work! Just kidding.

But I do love the take a break feature. it allows me to get another beer between fights, lets me use the bathroom or answer my phone or for others, allows them to take care of family or other situations that take 30 seconds to 2 minutes or so without having to quit the game and leave the team. I get to finish the match and on top of that, the monster gets a fighting chance since its a bot and not me playing for a few minutes.

As far as monster goes, the bot monster is not tough. No matter what one they choose. I find it better than some players, but my team would lose to a bot once out of 10 or 20 matches. Its quite rare I lose to a bot monster unless I am in solo trying to elite something and not trying to kill.


And us older people don’t care about leaderboards anyway.

Every system can be abused. And there will always be a minority that does that.
Plus you ain’t speaking for the people. You can express your own opinion and
I respect that.


How? How could you possibly stop the goliath from destroying your medic? What is your GT, and maybe you can put your money where your mouth is, or atleast show me how that’s possible.


The bots in the game are not that good and can be exploited very easily. If my team gets a bot monster we honestly just use it as spacing practice and can usually kill it in the first dome. Really not hard. If you want to try to win against my team as a bot, please be my guest.

xbox one GT : billabong5511


No I want to see how you exploit it. It’s easy to say things on the net, but video or something. Now with the ps4 it’s far too easy to share something like that.


The monster does aggro medic pretty hard. But dodging and staying back in the fight helps. And just because the medic goes down, does not mean you lose. The game goes on. If I am able to stay back when the fight starts to not draw aggro right away(not permanently of course) and heal until I get aggro, I personally use elevation to help avoid attacks, lead the monster to mines, traps, turrets, the Assault and force that monster to lose armor ASAP and take permanent health damage.

You also have to remember, the bot monster, IMO, is easier to find and dome at stage one that most players. A good stage one dome and the bot can get 2 strikes on medic and trapper and I think hunters would still have the advantage.

Oh, and Caira helps a lot too.


Also it helps to have Sunny in the team. If you’re good with the jetpack boost and your
medic knows where to fly, in combination with the shield drone it’s almost impossible
for the bot monster to take him out.