Idiot supports


Anyone else tired of stupid supports who think their assaults and just spam primary weapon, instead of you know supporting the team? Mainly have this problem with Sunny’s

[Poll] Kraken Aftershock

Nope, not had many lately.


This only applies to Hank and Sunny. Bucket is meant to focus DPS. Cabot, a little bit.


Ive lost alot of games cause supports never use anything aside primary


Same can be said of any class except assault.


Stupid everything, not just supports. When my team isn’t all together… it’s rare to get a decent randy, rarer still a decent randy with a microphone.



My problem is the opposite. I had a guy pick bucket three times today, and i swear he spent more than half the match on UAV. I was playing crow and had the monster constantly highlighted, would dome the monster, then notice the dumbass would still be tagging the monster after the dome had been up and we were mid-fight. Pissed me off to no end.


They’re probably trying to get the 315 direct hits with her weapon. It’s annoying when people grind their masteries in multiplayer. They focus on that one ability and not the game. That’s the big reason why I grind solo. I don’t want to effect anyone else’s good time.