Ideas for the game


i dunno if it is in the game already but i would love that you “the monster” when u play him u could be able to “recruit” you could say other preys or other alien monsters to be by your side and protect you and so on.


That’s a nice idea! Perhaps maybe for another monster type, or perhaps a monster that can birth little whipper-snappers to attack the Hunters, I suppose?


So far I am having a good time playing the game. I hope there are some new game modes offered in the future. But this is a great start.

Here are my thoughts on how it could be better. The hunters start with a huge advantage. There are an awful lot of give aways as to where the monster is. It creates a mechanic when playing the monster of eat one thing then run for it…eat one more thing then run for it…and repeat until huge. When I am playing the monster I would love some way to mask where I am from the hunters, so I can have time to enjoy playing as the monster.

When playing as a hunter, the jungle doesn’t attack nearly enough, and the critters leave me alone way too much. If a trapper traps the monster and there is a battle and the monster escapes maybe a surge of swarmers to give the monster time to re-coop.

Overall these ideas would slow the game down a bit, and I suppose that is what I am getting at. I just want more time to enjoy the experience of playing whatever character I am fighting as.


I think that the HUD could be simplified. Its a beautiful game but HUD is not up to par with the environment. For example Orbital strike needs only a circle on ground, rather than the circle and the big red missile icon. Its distracting. Also the bird sign icon could be less obvious. I think everything could be more subtle and fit the art design better.