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Do not listen to pubs because they will say monsters are op like wraith gorgon or elder kraken.

Where as they are fine bring all monsters up to their standards because i have beaten many wraiths gorgons or ek’s because i have played with 1 or 2 friends and done enough for the team that they are beatable, pubs are just crying all over this forums because they will not take the time to practice and learn how to face that monster and they wont face the team.

Now i know people have had #NoWraith and #Nerf wraith in their names do not listen they either suck at the game and arnt willing to learn or they play wraith and think it may be too good because of pub stomping.

If you ever want the competitive scene and good balance to come back then listen to my advice because monsters do need a buff (all of them) in their own different way. I hope you listen to my advise as i have spent a lot of time in a team and recognize this balance and it does need work.

i also know a lot of people agree with me. Thanks for reading

So devs please listen @Shaners @Chloe @Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl @KaiserTim @LadieAuPair @devs


Probably not best to tag all of them, but they are reading the posts so thanks for the input to make Beta "beta"r


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Hmm and again … i did play gorgon up to lvl 40 as well … only loosing 10 games and winning over 100 , he is kinda op , same goes for wraith … he is insane , he dosent even need to evlove and kill everyone stage 1 :slight_smile: you can see that nice at streams as well , and a premade team does have higher chances of winning of course … same goes for the pros , but how many average players to we have ? more then 80% for sure , and they should have a nice gaming experience as well … who would like to play the game if you keep loosing over and over again without having the sweet taste of winning ? so i agree … a few monster are kinda OP ( Wraith , Gorgon )


I agreed with OP, until he mentioned monsters need buffs, he should just join the kids that are saying they need nerfs.

The monsters are currently balanced, and a skilled team can take down any monster from the roster, what monsters and hunters need is small tweaks and not major changes.


I wrote that exactly how I wanted to :wink: but whatever what’s done is done


They know better. They have the thunderchild telementry collecter wizard. They actually know whats happening in game better than us.


Now you want to nerf Hunters, see you not much different from them, so I cannot agree with you.


Careful, you might summon the chosen pun and turn this in a pun-off


Before this patch, i was only against wraith. What irked me was that wraiths are able to chain long enough to down a hunter in a single combo. i was abducted to the air and i was juggled and incapped before i even touched the ground.

I welcome the cooldown increase of wraith’s abilities, but i agree the HP reduction is little too much.


yeah the wraith nerfs in the current micropatch was not needed


You wouldn’t dare!! :stuck_out_tongue:


This game is skilled based, screaming buffs and nerfs every time you lose to a character won’t help balance the game.

Not only that, but developers have data and play the game often to balance the game properly, if they made changes based on every thread like this the game would be a mess.


Just sayin’, you wouldn’t want to go into a pun-off with our @Jedi_Warrior

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It’s not too good, it’s called easy to play for newbies to have a chance.

There’s that thing called difficulty, making all the hunters useless and hard to play is not the way to balance a game.

The same way there are monsters that are easier to play than others.


But if you buff the monster to counter those 2 hunters better they will be OP against all other characters…?


I’ve seen source_tv get beaten badly, and I’ve seen deanimate demolish a pro team. The balance is at least close, and the only responsible thing to do is leave it to the people who have actual data.


Well the way balance works is you can either balance for two ways, one being for pubs which is similar at the moment and then you got balance around competitive.

This post is referring to the higher level play. As it is for the best wishes of the actual competitive scene.


He never wanted to be ft3 an I saw him demolish the same team that beat source. I think if anyone is op it’s probably the hunters, but monsters got a small nerf last patch. Probably because of pubs but I don’t know the data they’re looking at so I’ll leave it to the professionals