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“All those times you used the weed-whacker on a couple of mushrooms growing out back, you never imagined the mushrooms would take revenge. Sure, it sounds like a full-fledged fairytale, but with Blight, fiction becomes fact, and the next thing you know, a giant spore colony is strangling you."


Blight is the representation of what a fungus monster looks like. Its main body resembles a hulking mass of writhing tentacle-like vines and gigantic mushrooms spraying poisonous mist into the air. Blight’s mouth is not dissimilar to the mouth of a squid, minus the beak. It rotates in a fashion that makes its rows upon rows of thorn-like teeth whir in harmony, which can then devour flesh like a drill devours earth. Blight is blind, but uses its odd nostrils positioned above the mouth to clearly map the terrain ahead. The mouth and nostrils are protected by a wall of rigid roots, except when it eats or uses its sensory organs for something else.

Blight stumbles around at a relatively slow pace, even more so when sneaking. Its “limbs” are nothing more than an array of thick greenish-brownish roots covered in rot. They flail about in a manner similar to a snake, slithering forward, backward or even sideways. When combined with other roots, the movement resembles a coordinated armada of boas, propelling Blight forward. Although Blight moves slowly, it still makes a decent amount of noise, even when sneaking. 

However, this fungal fright isn’t totally vulnerable. It can sink its roots into the ground, followed by its entire body, and quickly burrow at a specific nearby location. Blight is invulnerable but cannot move or attack while burrowing, leaving a very noticeable trail. When it burrows and encounters a drastic depression or elevation, such as a valley or rock mound, it will continue burrowing on to the parallel side, but only if the terrain crossable or climbable. If it is not, such as a mobile arena or rock wall, it will immediately stop the burrow and surface. The burrow knocks back foes, but deals no damage. Blight can use this ability three times before it has to recharge. 

Apart from its many roots, Blight has four vines sprouting near its mouth, These vines are much thicker and longer than the roots and are used like arms or finger, grappling objects or constricting foes. They are powerful enough to squeeze even a Tyrant into submission, but can also be lashed about like whips to inflict damage. The vines also are covered in rot, spreading pestilence and poisoning any foes it touches. The poison is harmless, known as VM (Visibility Marker), but makes the target visible for 10 seconds. 

In terms of proportions, Blight is relatively small-to-medium sized. At Stage 1, its circrular body has a diameter of 7 feet, its vine appendages have a length of 5 feet and a thickness of a can. At Stage 2, its diameter is around 15 feet, its vine appendages have a length of 10 feet and a thickness of approximately a tire from a golf cart. At Stage 3, it has a diameter of 28 feet, its vines appendages are about 22 feet long and have a thickness of a tree trunk. 


Armor - 4,008 (8 bars)

Health -
Stage 1: 8,330 (5 bars)
Stage 2: 11,662 (7 bars)
Stage 3: 14,994 (9 bars)


Spore Blast
Blight charges up, then launches a cloud of spores all around itself. The spores extend like an explosion, knocking back and damaging enemies for (300, 390, 507 ) health and attaching themselves to enemies. Spores attached to an enemy obscure their vision for (5, 6.5, 8.5) seconds and poison them with VM.
CD: 12 sec.

Sludge Ball
A huge lump of sludge is blasted from Blight’s mouth. The ball sails for a maximum of (25, 33, 42) feet and lands, dealing (220, 286, 372) damage in a 15-foot radius. After 2 seconds, the ground that was hit turns purplish and foggy, poisoning any enemy walking or flying through it with AVM (Aggressive Visibility Marker), which reveals the enemy and does 25 damage per second for 10 seconds. The ground poisoning lasts 5 seconds.
CD: 7 seconds.

Vine Cyclone
Blight extends his four vines in four directions and begins to spin at an increasing rate. After 1 second, Blight reaches maximum speed, where nearby enemies are dealt (315, 410, 532) damage and knocked back. The spinning lasts (3, 4, 5) seconds. Blight is invulnerable while at maximum speed but can move slowly.
CD: 10 seconds

Fungi Minions
After spewing a drop of poison on the ground (has to be dirt or rock), a small, Blight-lookalike creature spawns from that area and begins to attack nearby enemies. The Fungus Minion has (1002, 1503, 2004) health (2, 3, 4 bars) and does (100, 130, 169) damage with each melee attack. Any enemy hit by a Fungus Minion is afflicted with VM. 3 casts.
CD: 9 seconds per Minion

Transversal Ability:

See Biology, Paragraph 3.


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