Ideas for Monsters


Leviathan: Monster that uses water based attacks.
Abilities: 1.Water Stream- fires a torrent of water which pushes Hunters away 2.Water Sphere: Surrounds Hunter with liquid orb and is trapped until other Hunters damage orb 3.Steam Burst: Sends out steam blast which hurts and pushes away any nearby Hunters 4. Tidal Crush: Crushes Hunter with water blast

Wendigo: Monster that uses ice attacks
Abilities: 1.Ice Spikes 2.Blizzard: Freeze breathe attack 3.Ice Wall 4.Ice Orb: Large boulder of ice is thrown

Mandrake: A plant Monster or a Monster with symbiotic plants; drops seeds which become plant based traps
Abilities: 1.Tangle Vine: Immobilize Hunters 2.Venus Man Trap: Bites Hunters 3.Thorn Throwers: Flowers that shoot spikes 4.Spore Mine

Basilisk: Toad like poison based Monster
Abilities: 1.Venom Spit: Weakens Hunter 2.Poison Gas Burst: Surrounds Monster with poison gas 3.Acid Spray: Damaging spit 4.Toxin Pod: Drops a pod filled with toxic smoke which explodes when Hunter is nearby

Wyvern: Flying or Gliding Monster
Abilities: 1.Dive Strike 2.Impaling Tail 3.Wing Flap Gust: Creates wind which pushes Hunters 4.Grab and Drop: Pick up Hunter and slam him into the ground

Warlock: Psychic based Monster
Abilities: 1.Stone Burst: Telekinectically shotgun blast nearby stones at Hunters 2.Enrage: Telepathically cause wildlife to attack Hunters 3.Derange: Affect Hunter’s vision with telepathic illusion 4.Crush: Telekinectically grab and crush Hunter

Legion: Monster that is a living hive to symbiotic wasps
Abilities: 1.Hunt: Spay pheromone that causes wasps to attack single Hunter 2.Swarm: Send wasps out to damage all Hunters near Monster 3.Shield: Pheromone blast that cause wasps to swarm around Monster to act as shield to attacks 4.Track: Send wasp which reveals Hunter location

Minotaur: Horned Monster that can switch from running on fours to walking on two legs
Abilities: 1.Charge: Run through Hunters causing damage 2.Ram: Run up to single Hunter and knock him away 3.Fury: Stands up and mauls Hunter with claws 4. Abduct: Runs and drags a Hunter it hits with it

Goblin: Monster that devours a Hunter whole and slowly damages him over time until it receives damage and regurgitate him; Monster can’t attack while digesting
Abilities: 1.Devour 2.Regurgitate: Launches Hunter out of mouth 3.Bite 4.Vomit: Fire acidic puke which pools on ground

Banshee: Sound based Monster
Abilities: 1.Roar: Sonic attack that knocks back and damages Hunters 2.Shriek: Damages and blurs visions of nearby Hunters 3.Siren’s Song: Nobody can attack temporarily 4.Echolocation: Reveal Hunters in area

Cthonian: Burrowing Monster
Abilities: 1.Earth Dive: Digs and hides underground for ambush or to escape pursuing Hunters 2.Glue Spit: Spits mucous which slows or paralyzes Hunter 3.Slash: Claw attack 4.Earth Spike Wall: Erupt spike wall from ground

Chimera: Shape-Shifting Monster that switches modes based on form
Abilities: 1.Power: Strong attack but slow with low defense 2.Defend: High defense but can’t attack 3.Stealth: Hide and sneak but can’t attack 4.Rush: High speed but low defense and offense

Succubus: Beautiful looking fairy like Monster with feminine features and moth wings
Abilities: 1.Glamour: Wing dust causes illusions 2.Flash: Glowing dust impairs vision 3.Burn: Dust combusts into flames 4.Leech: Face opens and fires proboscis to drain blood

Puppeteer: Parasite Monster
Abilities: 1.Necromancy: Spray parasites on animal or Hunter corpse and cause it to reanimate and attack 2.Flesh Riding: Hide in living animal 3.Possess: Jump into and control Hunter until damage is taken 4.Kamikaze: Infect animal and cause it to run at Hunter and explode


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