Ideas for MM

This is more of a poll/inquiry to the threads for ideas on how to resolve this issue.

For those that dont know me, or havent played against me…
I change monster/character everygame, but i’m currently referring to my monster games.

The goal is to make the match interesting, but i find that i’m there is no way ingame to know if the match is going to be challenging. If i can check the hours via steam (getting rarer and rarer cause limited profiles), and if i see low hours played <200, i’ll do things such as full smell range Bob, with 3 points rock wall, 1 point tongue.

But i’m curious how the community feels about solving the issue of the lack of awareness, when it comes to your opponents strength.

We’re talking about 2 instances:

  1. We assume the team is a weak team, and they are a 4 man smurph squad
  2. We assume the team is a strong team, and we end of stomping them, making people less likely to participate in another match.



I think as far as matching goes maybe a system like the old ranked, play 10 random level matches to get a rough level then balance it after based on wins/losses.
I would do
Monster 3 wins +1 rank / 3 losses - 1
Hunter 3-5 wins +1 / 5 losses minus 1
The reason for the extended part on hunters is the team side.
A good medic can sustain long enough for a medicare assault to damage, a poor trapper can let a monster escape and grow too fast, a bad support can leave even the best medic nothing more than a punch bag.
As you spend more time at one level your win/loss increases the time to move as the more often you level up and get dropped back the more likely you’re at the right spot.

I run into this problem as well. Trying to make the match fun when playing newer players, but not always knowing when you are facing a try hard premade that will use cheese tactics, or a good squad of hunters with a comp that counters your monster pick. Also you don’t always know when a team has solo que buffs. If I am sure a team is new I try to use weaker monsters like Wraith without decoy, or with abilities and perks that are weaker as you mentioned.

If I am not sure who I am fighting then I go with a serious build and see how the first fight goes. I will often have a second Stage 1 fight if I know I outclass the team, and overcommit in the fight so they have a chance to get good health damage. I feel like teams feel better about a loss if they do decent damage and have some good plays. Getting stomped without even getting health damage on the monster is not fun! Also it is more tense when your health gets low, and if the team has solo que buffs they can actually pose a threat when your health gets low. I will also lead weaker teams to good buffs and let them have it while on the chase. I don’t drag matches out, but I will disengage once I get a strike or two and let them recover in the first couple of dome fights even if I coulde have gone ahead and wiped the team.

It really is up to the player. I want everyone to have some fun and learn a bit if possible, I have crushed some teams on occasion, and been beaten by a couple of teams I thought would be easy wins. I don’t think there is an easy answer. I just hope they fix the cause of new players getting matched against monsters with over 800 hours in Hunt Beta. I would also really appreciate a way to know when you are fighting a premade and when the hunters are located far from the monster so ping will be over 150ms for some or all players.

These are nice suggestion but I see an increase in people leaving the lobby if we have those nice indicators you suggest.

By default is hard to queue, Imagine if people leave more frequent.

Dodging is a potential issue, but a leave penalty would probably offset it. You wouldn’t know it was a premade until the leave penalty is in place. Players getting matched far outside their regions is an issue that is better handled server side so that players simply won’t find themselves in a match where a player has over 150ms, but I don’t know all the difficulties and specifics to make that happen. I feel like TRS has systems in place to try and prevent ping issues, but it really hurts a match when playing monster with high ping, and it still happens often for me.