Ideas for Maps :3


So again Guys the poll on my previous post is saying people want new maps the most :wink:

so, suggest ideas for new maps and maybe they will inspire later creations :sunglasses:


During the stream before the game was even in closed Beta I suggested a queen bee type monster and I was so happy when I saw the Gorgon :smiley:

How about burrowing monster? It could be almost like the Diablos from Monster Hunter, but more alien like.



Suggestions is for improving your gameplay experience. Not for ideas on new characters or maps

Since we already have a monster ideas thread, mind making this a map suggestion thread?


Of course not, i will gladly do just that


I would like to seeโ€ฆ

  • A destroyed futuristic city. But please not something like Broken Hill foundry with its trillion levels, mini obstacles and tight corridors.
  • A giant space ship that went down into a frozen lake. Around the lake there would be vegetation. The layout would be similar to Wraith Trap, but the frozen lake with the space ship replaces the relay and they would be much larger. The Space Ship could have huge defend turrets on its surface that can be used do dodge around. Maybe you could walk into some parts of the space ship.
  • OR: The same as above just in a desert
  • An Avatar-like jungle


:heart_eyes: I really hope This gets noticedโ€ฆ AND USED :heart_eyes: