Ideas for Hunter ability's


For daisy I would like a way to mover her by my self like if i press the daisy button she comes to me a “heels” because its hard to stealth dome when a monster see your dog there an thinks “hmmm well if daisy is here i better go the other way”.
Or maybe she can eat some of the wild life like a reaver can but she can get full and running around with her makes her burn it off and hungry again.

Post your ideas in the comments.


This has been suggested a million times, and I agree with it, but the devs said they don’t want controlling Daisy to become “RTS-lite”, which I can also agree with.


rts lite?

what’s that?


Having to micromanage Daisy, is what I believe they mean.


What’s so bad about that?

Isn’t more complexity good?


I assume it would be one more thing to have to try to manage,but I can’t say for sure.


How though?

She already take up one of Maggie’s slots, a simple button press to heel or come over shouldn’t be too hard.


That’s what I thought the button did at first.

Maybe it makes it too easy? Say Daisy is tracking, the you bring her to heel and move on without her alerting the monster. Maybe having Daisy howl is the trade off for easy tracking.


I always thought it’d be kind of a cool feature if the Monster could make tracks near some food that Daisy wanted to eat and Maggie had to get her focused on tracking again by pressing the LB. I dunno though, I guess Daisy is pretty well-trained. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: