Idea's for Evolve


Hi Turtle Rock and people reading this

Just some idea’s i have been brainstorming for Evolve.

My idea is two more maps, one based around a shipwreck where a ship has crash landed onto the planet. Lots of stuff is on fire, I am thinking that it could be based in a deserted area with the ship wreck being the cover and sand all around it.

The other map would be on an extremely large ship, say inside the freight area, the monster has smashed cage’s open that contained the creatures of the planet. The only issue i find with this is it completely nurfs hanks orbital.
The way around that would be to add open space area’s between the cargo bays, these area’s are in a vacuum. it is the future so everyone has suits that protect them from the vacuum that activate when they go outside. sort of like borderlands but no limit to oxygen. Goliath’s and Behemoths fire like abilities will act slightly different too, haven’t gotten that far with my thinking yet.



First map sounds cool.

Second one doesn’t fit in.


funny thing is, is the first map wasn’t my idea originally. Their response was the second map idea. their thought was it is Torvald’s ship that crashed.


Well, the vacuum part and the change in ability behaviors is what makes it not fit in. Plus, it’s a crashed ship…why would there be vacuum pockets?


The vacuum pockets are when u are leaving one cargo bay to the next. A space walk to get to the next cargo bay.
I do get what u mean by not fitting in.


A space walk? But it’s crashed?


Sorry, its two different maps. one map is on land the other map is in space.


Then yea, that DEFINITELY didn’t fit. Lol. Unless Lazarus bright a couple dead monsters aboard the ship and revived them, there’s not any reason for space goliaths. Plus, imagine behemoth. Lol


Ikr :smile:.

i was thinking the same thing with Laz


Lol. Yea. Love the concept, but it doesn’t really fit in too well. The first idea was best as I imagined a map design similar to the Pillar of Autumns crash site in halo but smaller.


I would like it if the wild life and hazards were actually scary and not just an annoyance…


Mammoth birds are pretty scary in my opinion.