Ideas for evolve( hunters, monsters and more!)

Hi Everyone! My name is Faustas and I have recently got evolve and I must say, it’s AMAZING! It’s incredibly addicting and adrenaline pumping playing as the hunters or the monster! Currently I accumulated 25 hours of this game and I’m still playing. Now I’m going to place some suggestions and ideas for the future of evolve like hunters, monsters, maps and game modes! So here they are…

Hunter suggestions:

Assault: I’ve been thinking of a cool assault character who might fit well into evolve! His name could be called “Titan” as he is twice the size of all the hunters due to a scientific accident gone wrong as he was tested on a anti disease medicine. He holds a heavy rail gun that fires a beam of magma. This is his long range weapon and it gradually increases damage the longer it fires on the monster. It resets the damage increase if the assault is hit while firing it. His close range weapon could be a radiation gauntlet which blasts out waves of radiation that deal crazy amount of damage the closer the monster is. However the gauntlet has a long recharge time so the assault must use it only on the monster if it is incredibly close or if you have an in capped teammate. His special attack is a device that he can place around the environment and if the monster steps on it, it will be paralysed for a split second allowing support characters like hank to do massive damage! The only weakness with that you can only place one device and that it takes 6 seconds to arm.

Trapper: I have an idea for a robot trapper whose name is S.E.D( Scout Efficient Droid) His weapon is a highly accurate pistol that will aim automatically for the enemy’s weak points. His main tracking equipment is a secondary head to place on his own head which create a night vision perspective. He can look through walls and has a radius of 60 meters which detects POI’s, including the monsters location. The only weakness with that is the fact that he will be vulnerable with no weapon on him and it takes 5 seconds to remove the attached head. His trap equipment consists of this harpoon that can be placed on a wall or ceiling to bring the monster towards it( the harpoon has a radius of 50 m)

Medic: I have an idea for a medic called Mistress and she holds a multi tool bow that can switch abilities at an instant! The first tool is a bullet launcher that launches massive bullets that makes massive weak spots of 1.5X damage ( it has a magazine of 3 bullets and it takes 4 seconds to reload) The second tool is a dart gun that can revive incapped teammates in an instant( it can’t resurrect though) It takes 8 seconds however to add another dart to the tool. The last tool is a vacuum gun that absorbs a tiny bit of a monsters armour and donates it to the team. It takes 8 seconds also to reload.

Support: I have a support character called Merlin, he is a hooded magician that uses crazy spells to change the tide of battle. His main weapon consists of a lightning surge that homes in on the monster and does little damage. However, if he fills up a meter of the amount of damage he’s done to the monster, his lightning turns into a beam of electric light that fires heavy damage at the monster at the cost of him not being able to move while firing. His support ability is a lava barrier he can make from one wall to another to stop the monster from attacking an ally. The barrier evaporates after 5 seconds and takes 15 to use again. His damage ability is to make a 40 m radius of land filled with chemicals that slow the monster and weaken its armour making weapons more effective. Also, his jet pack is replaced with a warp ability in which he can warp up to 15 m away 2 times and he climbs with his hands.

I also have a game mode suggestion called survival where the hunters have to survive 5 minutes against a stage 3 monster. They have a clear indication of where the monster is if it’s within 100 meters in range but the hunters weapons are nerfed by half in this mode. At the end, a ship arrives to pick them up in a evacuation zone but the monster has no idea where it is.

I hope you like my suggestion and ideas for future evolve and I hope maybe TRS and 2K might like my ideas and implement them in the future!

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