Ideas for Daisy?


So, I’ve noticed that during fights, Daisy can’t do much but raise team mates. Is there a possibility to make her a little more useful in a fight? A friend of mine suggested a “marking the monster” idea that would give true sight of the monster for a short time which could keep the monster from hiding while it’s in the dome, plus no trapper has true sight capabilities as of yet.

What would you suggest to make Daisy more useful in a fight?


She’s already extremely useful as a revive machine. Seriously having a 5th party member is as good as it gets.


I do wish she was more interactive, but I understand TRS reasoning for not wanting players to micromanage her.

However, I would love the simple ability to force her to follow you and stay right next to you. For example, as long as you press and hold the daisy button she runs up to you and stays next to you all the while disregarding her other AI until you release the button.

This could have a number of uses

  • To save her from herself. Sometimes she runs up towards the monster when its not needed and gets herself killed easily. It would be nice if I could hold her back while the assault gets the monsters attention and then release her to do her thing.
  • Reposition her quicker. Sometimes I want to cut off the monster and go a route that Daisy doesn’t approve off. Instead of her staying behind howling and whining, I want to more quickly get her next to my side and start tracking from my position.
  • Be quiet Daisy. Occasionally I don’t want the monster to know that I can see him in his hidey spot. I am waiting for backup and I don’t want him to run away. However, having daisy howling and pointing doesn’t help in my deception. I want to get her by my side and shut up for a bit.
  • Daisy MVP. Often I want daisy to revive me or another player, but the monster is in between and Daisy’s AI hesitates trying to avoid the monster. It would great if I could force…I mean encourage Daisy to run through the thick of battle…risking life and limb. I could stand next to a downed teammate, bring her to me and then release her so she can start reviving. Or maybe she is moving to revive and less important teammate and I want her to revive someone else that is beside me. The possibilities are endless.


Most experienced hunters don’t care about her tracking ability, but she is definitely useful for reviving. However, in combat she is very fragile and can’t dodge the monsters attacks. Would be cool if Maggie had an ability to make her invisible.


I just played a game where Daisy fell through the map and sat at the bottom of nothing, unable to help. Not very useful.

Maggie should be able to call Daisy to her side by pressing B. Sort of like a no matter what. If pathfinding fails then a teleport will happen.

This would give Maggie the ability to use Daisy as bait even.


Agreed, I barely use Daisy but I still play Maggie because Daisy is more useful than Griffins sound spikes IMO.

When in doubt, follow Daisy for a bit and when I find a trail (or hear the monster running/mashing away on something) I simply ignore her and go for that. I haven’t been against a single monster trying to deceive the hunters so far (except for the beginning of the map. But if I see only 3 footsteps I’ll just follow Daisy for the start)


Yep. We use her at the beginning, and to confirm general direction after a juke. 99% of the time she is ignored (which is a shame). EVEN if you wanted to confirm general direction during a chase (which involves a lot of cutting off) she is lagging behind and you can’t waste the time it takes to wait for her to catch up. If she was right next to me and I only had to pause briefly to see where she is going, I might use her more often.


It is a shame. That’s such a fun mechanic in games but hard to take advantage of.


The problem stems from Daisy tracking slightly behind the monster, where as I want to move slightly in front of the monster. Its at odds in how you want to trap the monster.


It’d be neat if the trapper could take over daisy if they died, though i can fully understand the balance reasons behind not doing this


Oh man. Once you get those sound spikes down you’ll never go back. I love em and they can cover so much area on the map.


And once you get tracking darts you’ll never go back to sound spikes.


Haha nah. I’m no fan of the darts. They are just too random and based solely on the monster back tracking and eating what you specifically darted. I much prefer the area control of the spikes.


I can understand that but I love never having to worry that I’ll lose the monster as Abe.


I think simply giving Daisy a simple toggle between three behaviors would help out a lot. Pressing the Daisy key as Maggie could for example toggle Daisy’s behavior between Track, Defend yourself, and Revive teammates.

That would help solve the Daisy reviving people when you have Lazarus on your team as you could simply tell her to defend herself, shutting down her revive AI.

Also help in situations where the monster hides in the dome, by switching Daisy to tracking behavior to find the monster.

And it helps the team stay alive as you can make Daisy prioritize reviving teammates, as she sometimes simply does not do so if Maggie is too far from the downed hunter (Daisy will just sit next to Maggie similar to how she does if you move too far from her when tracking) .


Daisy won’t revive teammates when Lazarus is in the match.


Really? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve had it happen while playing Laz. I remember multiple times where I had to run over to quickly try and beat Daisy to a revive, sometimes failing.


Well by default she isn’t meant to, that could have been a bug. Or, Lazarus could have been dead, in which case she’ll revive.


Maybe it triggers if Laz is really far from the body? I tend to play Laz really far back so maybe that caused it? If so I think that’s actually pretty fair.


I guess I should play some more Griffin then