Ideas for "Cheats" and Easter Eggs


Cheating in any kind of PvP is not acceptable.

So let’s automatically assume that if it has ANY, that it will be versus A.I. only.

That said, what do you guys think? The other post got shot down, but it inspired me to think of such things.

No Cooldown timers at all for hunters or monster, depending on what you’re playing as. Or even turning off the CD timers when playing against A.I. to make it harder.

Half of every stage is immediately granted to the monster at every stage.
Ex. Stage 1 - only having to eat half to get to 2. Stage 2 only having to eat half to get to 3.

Those are cool ideas for cheats, sure, and I haven’t put any thought into the process of unlocking, so I’m just gonna move into Easter Eggs! :slight_smile:

My idea for a running joke easter egg is to put 1 or 2 different sized rocks that are shaped like turtles on every map. (sharp inhale from everyone at the bad pun)

maybe a goliath skin where it’s got a turtle shell on it’s back?

Veering from the obvious, maybe some sounds from Left 4 Dead get mixed into the game to play at times while you’re hunting or feeding depending on player Point of View.

Stage 3 Goliath occasionally (about 1 every 10 times or so) comes in with Tank Music.

Kraken sometimes hears RELEASE THE KRAKEN voiced by anyone at TRS when a player selects Kraken.

though to be fair, it make be better off to make it more like 1 in 20 or 30 times because hearing the audio file every 10 times would be less entertaining than endearing.

Anyway, I’m out of ideas for now, so please post what you think would be a cool easter egg to see!

Try not to post anything already mentioned in Cheat Codes and Easter Eggs


You could have just posted in the thread you linked and given it a bump…

I personally don’t think a cheat code will work with this kind of game.


I honestly didn’t see it but once after It was created and I had to hunt it down to link it :3 I was trying to simultaneously give credit for them thinking of it first as well as point to already linked possibilities :slight_smile: