Ideas for balance changes


Hey Guys,

i realy love the game and hope it will grow in the future and get a bigger competitive scene, so i want to help the devs by gathering resonable ideas for balance changes(not only for T4 but also for the old stuff) from skilled players (from a premade vs exceptional monsters & tournament pov) in one place and disscuss them



i feel like sunny suffers a bit from the same problem cabot had prepatch, she has a to big uptime on her mininuke launcher because the drone dont need active usage and the jet beam has a very long recharge time, resulting in to high damage numbers, i also feel like its to easy to hit with it for a mininuke, im ok with the damage, but it should be harder to hit with it

increase travel time for the mininukes( maybe ~15%)

the second problem with her is that she gives the trapper an to easy time catching the monster with the jetbeam in some cases, i would recommend to remove the speedboost from the beam or reduce the range by 10-15m


the spore cloud launcher needs a short cooldown (~8-10sec) and the area of effect should be more visible for the monster, spamming it leads to very unfun fighting experience for the monster (not quite sure about this)

his heal output is ok but his damage is a bit to high(reduce leechgun damage by ~10%), no other medic realy deals damage so its all additional(up to 15-20k in a stage 3 match) and maybe the biggest cause that monsters feel like they melt


crow feels like he is the most balanced of the new bunch the armor pierce damage is not to high(but should not scale with damage amp or weakspots) and he has to choose between damage and slow, i only want some counterplay for gobi, reduce his tracking range against sneak, his stasis gun is only a problem in tandem with sunnys actual jetbeam


against the general opinion i dont think his mortars are op, they have counterplay in form of constant movement and fighting in tight spaces like caves and they dont have infinite range, i think his shotgun is to strong, it realy feels stronger than parnells without ss, its also to bursty, 50% capacity perk almost feels like 50% more damage, so i would recommend a 10-20% reduce in fire rate, his weakspots granates on the other side seems to have no impact i would increase the damage of the initial explosion by a fair bit


has great utility but suffers to strong from splash damage if she gets focused, i would recommend to reduce her heal burst cd down to 18 sec


he is very difficult to balance but its a fact that nobody plays him in tournaments (atleast on pc) i would increase the heal output from his heal burst by a bit(10-20%) or reduce the cd down to 12 seconds, if this is to strong up the cd of the lazarus device so the monster has a time window to kill faster than he can revive


his damage is ok, the uav needs better controlls especialy for vertical movement and i would give him a movement speed boost(call it body battery overlaod or something like that) after uav usage increasing in duration the longer he used it, his drones needs a smal range buff



i realy like his design but he have some big problems which will kill him for competitive play
-reduce slow effects on his traversals
-reduce his weakspot size
-increase his climb speed, he has big problems against defensive teams abusing high terrain
-make lava bomb aimable like rock throw
-reduce the traveltime of fissure


kraken seems to be the best choice against the new stuff, he can outplay most of the new options hunters have and that is fine, but he realy is to strong on the offensive side mostly because of the new vortex/banshee build

i think banshee mines need a short arm time similiar to markovs mines, so he cant spam them in melee range for instant damage

if the community is interested in this thread ill update the first post on a regular base

sorry for my bad english(not native)


“the spore cloud launcher needs a short cooldown (~8-10sec) and the area of effect should be more visible for the monster” April Fools?


Can’t say i really agree with anything here. The only thing I think really needs to change is Slim’s dps. It seems a bit ridiculous right now.


Disagree. That’s the trade-off for putting your most valuable piece within the monsters grasp constantly.


Sunny seems designed around the mini-nuke having a slow reload and doing other things while it reloads.

Keep in mind that while it has splash damage, direct hits maximize damage.

If I were to make it harder to hit with I’d make it arc faster rather than make it move slower - it just seems like that would look and feel odd.

The speedboost from the beam is pretty much its point, and looking at Cabot and Bucket there is precedence for a Support helping the Trapper land domes.

Some range reduction could be reasonable, but that sounds like a huge nerf - I’m not very good at visualizing distance numbers though.

Spamming Spores seems fair because he isn’t doing anything else while he launches spores.

I don’t have much experience with how much damage he does, so I’m neutral on that change.

How would Gobi be made weaker against sneaking? It pretty much just looks over an area without direct control.

Sneak starts already leave Crow blind initially - I don’t think he needs weakness later on.

The Stasis Gun is pretty much the Stasis Grenade on a projectile instead of a zone - it seems fine balance-wise.

I can agree that the Shrapnel Grenades feel rather weak while the Autofire Shotgun may be a bit too strong on its own.

I could support changes to give him more reason to throw the Shrapnel - I’d also like it to airburst on proximity so he could actually hit the Kraken with it.

I’d personally make the Medgun much more bursty and emphasize powerful healing that needs to frequently recharge.

For a small change I’d let Laz’s healing burst grant health regeneration like Slim’s Drone that breaks upon taking damage.

That way he can patch up allies easier and recover health effectively after being focused and escaping.

For a more major change I’d give him a slow and incredibly obvious revive beam option for the Lazarus Device, so he isn’t completely predictable.

Goodness yes the vertical controls on UAV are terrible, and the movement would be nice.

I agree with a Sentry Gun range buff - I’d start balance testing at 50%-100% more range.

Still unsure on Behemoth and what he needs.

Banshee Mines may cease to be useful with such an arm time unless some other change made them more viable as, well, mines.


I really like the idea of changing the arc on Sunny launcher. I think it would balance it out.


I mean, ya it makes sense for him to do more damage then the other medics but it seems like he does a lot more than he should. I think I was getting like 8k or some shit. which is kinda nuts.