Ideas and theorys of the new hunters



uses glove to give give out buffs or to damage the monster like the new assault that said i’m pretty sure she cant have a 2 hand weapon

she can build traps or maybe she can build a small done shield or just create weak points

she also has a heavy duty weapon like all the supports or maybe shes different doesn’t deal much dmg and is really a support

her cloak might be different like how slims healing field


he can set down little healing field with the drone

the gun he has is one handed because he has one hand

his heal burst is more smaller

and he damages the monster like a battle medic or slows the monster down with the drone
one hand if you look closely to the medic arm the floating device is attach to the back


male part robot

his duel weapons are both different one may slow the monster down and the other damages or a mini harpoon

his way of tracking maybe of how the monster smells but with a low radius or releasing a trip wire of some sort

it also can cloak

his not full robot

to be continued


of course releasing mini parasites that will attack the hunter like minions kinda like wraiths decoy but they get a health bar

the monster craws on the ground and jumping is out of the question this monster can either hover or does a long leep by standing up and jumping like goliath but not as far but can do it more costly

it can also do some type of mine like kraken or just release a vortex like

it also can releasing a different type of parasites like flying ones

and also a it can do shoot its tongue at the hunters

It cant do poison i know this for a fact not at all

it cant shoot any type of web i know it for a fact

it cant attack with its secondary arms those are use for parasites

monster have claws so it can do slash attacks

Ps I spend 2 hours working on this looking all over websites and videos about the new hunters and monster then use my ideas and not fully any one else ideas if you have any ideas I be happy to hear them Images below so you can look for your self

old character art of the hunters may be of some use

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You can just copy your post and paste it into that thread. :grin:

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